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WordPress Certified by Bitnami and Automattic

Bitnami, the leaders in application packaging, and Automattic, the experts behind WordPress, have teamed up to offer this official WordPress image on AWS Marketplace. WordPress is the world's most popular content management platform. Whether it's for an enterprise or small business website, or a personal... See more

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Easy to Setup - Much Appreciated

  • By Prasadh
  • on 06/08/2019

I followed the Instructions on Amazon Documentation & I was able to Setup a new WP Site without any problems and withing 5 minutes my basic WordPress Installation was done and I was able to access the WP Site via Public IP.

I guess it works

  • By Orion
  • on 06/07/2019

It does work, but nothing is installed in the usual directories, it's slow, it's bloated. And it's very difficult to upgrade, for example, you can't upgrade PHP without creating an entire new installation.

Easy to setup and use

  • By BET
  • on 05/28/2019

This was a piece of cake to get going. Created a cloudformation script to spin up the EC2 with this AMI and then installed Updraft to make daily backups to S3. When a new AMI is available, I simply modify the cloudformation script, create a new environment and restore the backup and I'm good to go.

We only use WordPress for "brochure-ware" so as long as it renders our site we are happy. Perhaps if we used WordPress for more significant use cases we would discover the limitations others seem to find with this but it works well for us.

Easy - Ive been using wordpress for 7 years!

  • By Good
  • on 05/13/2019

No idea what peoples issues are. Easy to set up and easy to use. Perfect for inexperienced users. Was all up and running for FREE in 10 mins

As all people said, zero control

  • By d8vjork
  • on 03/26/2019

No control, no clear and updated documentation, painful to configure, need to check a lot of things... Better Docker + Wordpress, Plesk + multiple Wordpress sites or even LAMP with Wordpress

Terrible Not user Friendly at all

  • By Online Expert
  • on 03/26/2019

Terrible Not user Friendly at all, can not setup anything of make any use of this at all... Pointless to even download it

Easier to do it yourself than configure this

  • By Ahoy
  • on 03/06/2019

Wanting to use this as a quick way to spin up a varnish cached instance but this is defiantly not the solution.

Between outdated, incorrect or just non-existent documentation it's faster to just do it manually. Then you get the added benefit of knowing just what is going on with your stack.

After trying to add elastic ip now my public DNS won't load...

  • By rtUT
  • on 01/31/2019

After trying to add elastic ip now my public DNS won't load...I tried everything fro adding a http port. I tried digging around the web

File permission FTP wordpress plugins problem

  • By marc
  • on 01/15/2019

You face file permission problem with wordpress and it's plugins. Some of them can't create folders and files. You can't change style (css).

I think bitnami should provide ftp in the image so that we can use it when installing / updating plugins.


  • By HaliX
  • on 12/15/2018

it's easy to launch wordpress in AWS , but after some time i can't get the wp-admin password in the SYSTEM LOG , even it's better and fantastic one for small business people.