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Node.js Certified by Bitnami

Based on Google's V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js allows developers to build scalable, real-time web applications with two-way connections between the client and server. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that is lightweight and efficient, making it perfect for data-intensive applications... See more

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Good version of ubuntu

  • By Edison Lascano
  • on 02/09/2015

thank you bitnami
this was a good version of ubuntu with everything ready to run node.js applications.
The best of all, it is a free resource.


  • By Amazon Customer
  • on 11/10/2014

If you are new to Node.js - this is hands down the BEST way to get started! Make sure to at least skim the user guide. For example: logging on with the user name "bitnami" and not "root" (or "ec2-user" as some on-line help guides would suggest). It is just not worth trying to figure out if you have the latest of everything installed. Because in addition to node, all the basic tools you need to get started are installed. So, far.. very stable and fast!

Works as described, but not as useful as it could be

  • By Adam C
  • on 04/06/2014

I was building a node based web server, because this comes with Apache installed and listening on Port 80 that becomes a serious annoyance. Disabling pieces of the bitnami stack are much more complicated than they should be.

Since installing node on another AMI is so easy (Ubuntu or Amazon Linux), I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Excellent out of the box configuration

  • By E. james
  • on 03/14/2014

Love Bitnami! Save me the headache of installing configuring software packages for our production environment. If your running on a multi core system you can use the node.js cluster module to take advantage of your multi core system.

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