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VNS3 Free - Network Controller (Firewall/Router/VPN)

VNS3 is a software-only virtual appliance for Connectivity, Federation & Security in AWS. VNS3 acts as many devices in 1: router, switch, SSL/IPSec VPN concentrator, firewall, protocol re-distributor, flexible network edge plugins, with a DevOps/SecOps capable API. VNS3 doesn't require new knowledge... See more

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VPN configuration made easy

  • By Lagersoft
  • on 05/02/2018

We are a group of developers who have little to none networking experience.
We've tried vpn services in the past for connection with our clients, but often we had unstable connection and issues with the VPN providers of our clients, often relying on using other cloud services outside of AWS.

Using VNS3 it was pretty easy to setup our peer VPN, having a user-friendly interface, even for non-networking guys like us. Also their support is great, everytime we got stuck on a configuration, their support team quickly responds and help us through the way with helpful tips. We currently have multiple tunnels with multiple VPN peers and no issues.

Such a great product and support, would highly recommend it.

Essentially undocumented; don't use

  • By A.T. Tempted
  • on 06/09/2017

Version 4.3 is essentially undocumented (both manuals and videos are updated to v4.0), and it's not obvious at all what do for setting it up, as the registration workflow is very different from the previous versions. Don't waste your time with this version.

it works fine

  • By Quality and Safety
  • on 04/20/2015

I set up a tunnel from a customer Juniper SSG140 unit to our Amazon VPC using vns3 and it works perfectly.

The initial setup was a bit difficult but after a day we have setup an ipsec tunnel successfully.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to integrate their network with AWS.

Fantastic Product & Support

  • By krishnen
  • on 04/02/2015

Does everything advertised and more!
Support is fast , effective and professional.
The CEO of company handling support requests on a Sunday afternoon! i mean this is simply unheard of.
Would heartily recommend this product.

Outstanding product and support

  • By KMS
  • on 03/17/2015

I set up a tunnel from our internal Fortigate unit to our Amazon VPC using vns3 and it works perfectly.

The initial setup was a bit difficult on my end but their outstanding tech support helped immensely.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to integrate their network with AWS.

Amazing support team

  • By CodeObjects - Prod
  • on 03/10/2015

We used free tier to test vpn tunneling. Our setup got some issues and approached cohesive support for help, they are amazing fast and helped us with all our doubts. Ryan from support was very helpful and answered all our questions. I higly recommend cohesive for vpn tunneling.


The product is AMAZING !!!

  • By Randi Thomas
  • on 03/06/2015

I've been using VNS3 for some time now and the product is just great ! it easy to install configure and deploy and it supports ALL types (and I mean ALL types) of VPN configurations such as using NAT-T with Public IP's on Amazon (to overcome challenges of where providers cannot allow your FW to use 10 / 172 / 192 [regular nat] addresses) and all other types of limitations.

needless to say that the support engineers are FAST ! and super professional with anything and everything that I've ever asked about.

Overall I could only say that this product is currently the best out there and I will definitely use it in my projects.

I would like to use this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Randi Thomas for all the help your teams have provided - you guys ROCK !!!!

Solves the VPC tunnel limit problem!

  • By Ken Sain
  • on 02/12/2015

Need more than one IPSEC tunnel into an AWS region? Then you need this! Simple, easy, up and running in 10 minutes. Their support staff is unbelievably responsive!!

Working great so far.

  • By Bill Wraith
  • on 01/19/2015

I wasn't quite sure how this would work, but after reading the documentation, and with some additional help on some fine points from support (which was very helpful before and after I upgraded to a Lite license even without buying support packs), I am able to do NAT from my private subnets, add servers, laptops, virtual desktops from AWS WorkSpaces, and so on, to the "overlay network" (the virtual private LAN that you can join your devices to via openvpn), and communicate on virtual private LAN between public and private subnets and devices that join the overlay. You can use iptables rules to control the access between devices. I have not used IPSEC to add my on-premises net to the VNS3 gateway, since I am already hooked up via Amazon's VPN gateway, but it looked straightforward. This is a very flexible platform for creating a virtual network from devices in diverse networks in the cloud, on the road, or on-premises. I haven't explored the the potential of the Docker container functionality or the use of multiple managers to connect two cloud networks together (as opposed to just adding devices in other cloud networks to one VNS3 instance's overlay network via openvpn), but I like the idea that there is plenty of room to add to your virtual network and extend the basic platform functionality.

Unparalleled customer service!

  • By dl
  • on 05/16/2014

We are using VNS3.5 to create a VPN to a customer's site with different IPsec requirements than what amazon can provide out of the box.

VNS3 has solved our challenges, but it was their customer service that was truly remarkable. Simply put, the most amazing service I have ever encountered. The support team helped us with setup and configuration. When we encountered unusual challenges beyond the normal intent of their software, support helped us find a solution, where others could not. I was impressed with the flexibility of the software.

CohesiveFT will definitely be our solution for future VPNs!