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N2WS Backup & Recovery (CPM) Free Trial & BYOL Edition

TRY OUT This leading AWS backup, recovery and DR solution purpose-built for AWS workloads - N2WS Backup & Recovery 30-DAY FREE TRIAL & BYOL Edition. After trial ends, N2WS automatically converts into a FREE version that still protects you! (limited to protecting up to 5 instances) Veeam acquired a controlling... See more

Customer Reviews

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Best (only) product of its kind

  • By Nick Webb
  • on 03/19/2017

Best product for backups of systems that aren't easily reproducible in AWS. Support is also very helpful and very responsive.

CPM handles the backup/restore that AWS forgot to give us

  • By Cloud Convert
  • on 03/17/2017

CPM is a great product that fills in the gaps in the AWS architecture, which unaccountably does not have a real backup/restore facility. The upgrading process could be easier, though I'm not familiar enough with AWS Marketplace technology to suggest exactly how. The user interface could probably use some work to have a more modern look and feel as well as better organization, but overall I've had little trouble with doing exactly what I want to do.

Great Product - Would recommend 100%

  • By Gavin Bell
  • on 03/17/2017

CPM gives us confidence that the backups have been performed each night and are consistent.

Really love the new feature that allows to restore an individual file from a snapshot without the need to having to restore the full instance. This is a real time saver :-)

Set it up within no time at all and then forget about it no maintenance needed.

Great Product

Solid Product.

  • By Derek
  • on 03/17/2017

N2W is proficient at scheduling snapshot copies to another availability zone for data recovery. Would be nice if the email notifications contained more information like exactly which node is failing in a policy instead of just the policy is failing.

CPM is a must have product in our AWS account.

  • By Timm Zahn
  • on 03/15/2017

CPM is my go-to product for the snapshot and AMI replication process. One of the most useful features for me is that it automates the replication of the AMI and volume snapshots to another region. It took a manual process and completely automated it. Additionally, the few times I needed support, they were great at responding with the correct answer the first time.

Easily backup and restore AWS resources!

  • By Pursuant
  • on 03/15/2017

Provide a simple and effective way to backup Amazon server instances. Currently, we don't have any Amazon server instances running to back up but when the time comes in the future we will certainly use CPM again.

Don't waste your time with other backup technologies in AWS when N2W CPM can do it all!

great product

  • By Alexis
  • on 03/15/2017

It's easy to install and manage, good pricing and excellent customer service, it's a very good solution for backing up ec2-instances as well as RDS instances.

I would like to see an option to backup EFS volumes.

Great AWS Backup Tool

  • By Great AWS Backup Tool
  • on 03/15/2017

Perfect for scheduled snapshots. Restores were super easy as well. I would love to see more detailed reporting (snapshot size, costs for snapshots, etc...), but that would be nice to haves. What's critical is the easy scheduling of snapshots and the ability to do quick restores.

Great Piece of Mind

  • By N2W Cloud Protection for AWS
  • on 03/15/2017

Wow. This is a great product. Imagine a backup platform without the constant errors. Since implementation, I have had not one failed backup and whenever I had to retrieve data, it was there waiting for me and was able to restore with ease. What more can I ask for?

It is a set it and forget it approach. Every so often when I do check it, there are zero issues. The pricing is great too.

CPM BYOL is thumbs up!

  • By Management Account
  • on 02/08/2016

For those looking to automate snapshots and recovery, CPM is the place to look. We manage dozens of AWS accounts for our customers. We wouldn't be able to function without CPM. Our only issue with the BYOL version is licensing. There's no real economies of scale, in terms of $$$ savings, once you get beyond managing 20 accounts. It actually costs more, per AWS account, but it's not overly significant. Other than that, CPM is a wonderful product, with exceptional support and we couldn't survive without it!