Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) - Standard Package

Starting from $0.69/hr or from $4,125.00/yr (32% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

As you transform more workloads and functions into virtualized assets, you need the same protections that are available for your physical assets. Cisco has developed a virtual security solution based on the best-selling Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). The Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) runs the same software as physical Cisco ASAs to deliver proven security functionality in a virtual form factor. Use Cisco ASAv to protect virtual and physical data center workloads that expand, contract, or shift their location over time. And use Cisco ASAv to deliver site-to-site,... See more

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Told it's free for 5 days

  • By medisappointed
  • on 03/22/2018

Yet I was charged $45 and no way to get refund. I contacted AWS and they said to contact Cisco. It states clearly no Cisco subscription charges, but yet.. still charged for cisco and the cost of the instance.

No information on default password?

  • By LameSauce
  • on 10/18/2016

Would love to have actually used this product properly but at the moment the usage details for the standard ASAv AMI on AWS say to use an ssh username of 'admin' but despite creating and using a key-pair any connection will prompt for a password ... which isn't listed anywhere in the doco or usage notes. Come on guys...

Really close to the physical rackmount version

  • By PouchCotato
  • on 10/13/2016

Using these for work for most of the year now with a site-to-site tunnel from an asa-v in us-east-1 to an asa-v in us-west-2 as well as several incoming site-to-site tunnels and remote access VPN on both and Make sure you know what you're're comfortable with Cisco config via user data (and later ASDM if needed), you have compared what ASA-v doesn't provide, etc. otherwise you'll give undeserved 1-star reviews like those before. Only issue seen so far is Syslog can die with lots of traffic around a month in (204) or several months in (207) which requires a restart of the appliance. I'm hoping fixes that. Other than that a ChangeLog for each AMI version would be nice to see.

Do you even test your AMI ?

  • By Baptiste Sadoul
  • on 03/09/2016

After creating an instance, I am asked a password when I connect with admin user. How am I supposed to log into this new instance ?

Nice to have

  • By Cloud vLab Inc.
  • on 02/25/2016

It's easy to manage because ASA OS is same as appliances.
I think ASAv is supported via a Smart License model.

This product sucks

  • By Azuretx
  • on 02/05/2016

Cisco is not supporting this product
You need to buy a service contract with this appliance first there is no support from Cisco

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