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A little expensive don't you think?

  • By MattICVM
  • on 05/16/2019

Why would I spend $89/month or $700/year for a 10 device package when I can buy a 10 device package off your site for $150/year?

  • By CommonTater
  • on 08/19/2021

Now $75/mo for 10 users on the OpenVPN site. I'd be a little concerned about facing more price hikes after becoming dependent on the service.

  • By Soy
  • on 09/03/2020

where I can buy OpenVPN License with 10 concurrent user for USD 150/year? because price on web is $60/month (

  • By Jiang
  • on 07/28/2020

Even for the licence only it costs 0.1/hr, that's $75 month If I can get $150/year, I'd rather run with BYOL

  • By Krish
  • on 05/12/2020

Hey @js Its not inclusive of the per hour baisis ec2 charges. $700 is just for openvpn software subscribtion for an one year.

  • By KFM
  • on 05/12/2020

@JS actually no, the price quoted does NOT include AWS EC2 running costs. The pricing is broken down into two columns - software/yr (for OpenVPN software) and EC2/hr. The price that @MattICVM quotes is the software/yr cost.

  • By JS
  • on 05/03/2020

@MattICVM you are aware that those prices on their website doesn't include the vm running in the cloud but this does? The cost here is amazon adding up their service together with the vpn service.