New Relic Plugin for AWS (HVM)

This AMI makes it quick and easy to start monitoring many AWS metrics via pre-configured dashboards in New Relic. The AMI contains the agent portion of the AWS Plugin for New Relic, plus necessary components to run and configure the plugin. Once running, this agent retrieves metrics from Amazon CloudWatch for many AWS services and sends those metrics to your New Relic account, where they are displayed in charts and tables. See more

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works out of the box

  • By John Bob
  • on 11/22/2016

Detailed instructions are on github account, no need to SSH into instance.
Can launch without VPC too, just choose M3 instance type or so.

Easy setup and collects a ton of data

  • By Ryan Bennick
  • on 10/08/2016

The setup is really easy. Just spin up the AMI and follow the directions. Make sure you set up and use the IAM user described here:

Wait a few minutes and bam! all the data about all of your servers is in New Relic!

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