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NVIDIA DIGITS 4 on Ubuntu 14.04

NVIDIA DIGITS puts the power of deep learning in the hands of data scientists and researchers. It can be used to rapidly design the best deep neural network (DNN) for image classification, segmentation and object detection tasks. DIGITS simplifies common deep learning tasks such as managing data, designing... See more

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Works after you fix the port number

  • By shoemakerlevy9
  • on 10/26/2017

Someone messed up the default port numbers and setup the server to run on port 34448 but then opened up port 3448 in the default user group.

I fixed this by connecting to the server via ssh using the command
ssh -i path/to/key.pem ec2-user@ip4-of-your-instance

Then cd into the DIGITS directory
cd /usr/share/digits/

Then edit to say 3448 instead of 34448

The run the command
sudo ./digits-server

Then open web browser and go to ipv4-of-instance:3448

Worth more than the headache of setting up your own DIGITS box!

  • By Sabri Sansoy
  • on 06/08/2017

DIGITS folder is located at

I got error messages regarding the port # when i tried to start the server with
sudo ./digits-server

DIGITS is programmed to use port 34448 but the default security group allows access on port 3448.

Either change this port setting in default security group or modify to the correct port setting

Also i had to use the following command to free up the port .
sudo fuser -k 34448/tcp

Works (mostly) as intended

  • By Max Pagels
  • on 01/08/2017

Using the one-click function, the default security group allows access on port 3448, and not 34448, which is the port on which the DIGITS UI is being served. Other than that, works as intended.

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