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LEMP 7 Optimized

A pre-configured and optimized for better performance LEMP environment for web-applications with the next generation of PHP version 7. It is similiar to the LAMP stack, where Apache is replaced with the lightweight yet powerful Nginx, and PHP works in `php-fpm` mode. It also includes Selfmanagement... See more

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Odd they didn't include some important pieces

  • By Sean
  • on 08/28/2017

They included redis and memcachd, but do not include the php modules for these. The default pecl fails to build extensions and yum installs to the default location and not the /jet/... paths.

It will be easier to build a lemp stack from scratch then try and figure out the custom tailoring they have going on.

Using jetware in production was the best thing i ever did!

  • By Dan Clarke
  • on 06/12/2017

After using Jetware and their Optimized LEMP 7 stacks this has been a huge help towards getting my app from development into production.
Before php 7 i was using their Optimized LEMP 5 stacks and i can honestly say the guys at Jetware know exactly what they are doing and the images are ready to go with next to zero configuration needed.

Infact you can boot your ec2 instance, upload your files and your online.. They really have made it simple, easy, VERY Fast and very Reliable.

Currently moving to their PHP 7.14 stack :)

Thank you for the effort you put in, I would be more than happy to donate some funds should you guys ever put a donation / support link on


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