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CloudEndure Migration

Use CloudEndure Migration to simplify, expedite, and automate large-scale migrations from physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure to AWS. CloudEndure Migration automatically converts any application running on x86-based Windows/Linux OS versions, enabling your workloads to run natively on... See more

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Does what it says in the tin - next level support

  • By Steve
  • on 08/16/2018

Cannot speak highly enough of CloudEndure. Setup was simple enough. the odd obscureness.

The migration is seamless.

Only thing I would say is that the UI should default to conservative IOPS on disc migration. Other than that, would use CE again in a heartbeat.

Best Migration tool in the market

  • By Rahul Natarajan
  • on 05/19/2017

CE just works with any kind of workload. You really don't have to worry about the application you are dealing with, CE is application agnostic. CE support folks even went to the extent of converting GPT partitioned volumes to MBR to make one of our applications run on AWS without any issues. Great product, great support team!

Great Product, Even Better Support

  • By Geoff
  • on 03/12/2017

I just used this tool to migrate an old (2003/2008/2008R2) environment from a local data center in to AWS. The solution worked great. Took what would have been a difficult and painful project and made it pretty easy. When I did run in to issues, they were always quick to get back to me and knew exactly what needed to be done to resolve my problem (due to the age of the environment, I had a number of issues I had to work through just to get the servers to work properly in AWS). I highly recommend the solution and the team to anyone who needs to complete a migration project in to AWS. One of the best customer support experiences I've had in awhile.

CloudEndure Live Migration

  • By Verne
  • on 02/24/2017

This is the first time we have used a tool to lift and shift a server to AWS. The product worked flawlessly, a huge help and it saved a lot of time and client money. The cutover process went very well and the users productivity was not affected at all, they did not even know that it was taking place. We look forward to using CloudEndure's Live Migration in the future for all of our clients lift and shift project needs.

Makes any migration easy!

  • By Ryan
  • on 08/29/2016

We have used the product a number of times across multiple workloads (Windows and Linux) with great success. The agent installation is simple and can work on https over internet or via direct connect. Replication speeds are amazingly fast and have exceeded all expectations. Support team have been very helpful and know the product inside and out.

Excellent product with excellent support

  • By 2nd Watch
  • on 12/01/2015

CloudEndure is an excellent platform for performing 1:1 migrations of physical/virtual hosts into AWS, or for real time backup/data replication. Having used the service on numerous occasions, results have been rock solid. Amazon's VM Import tools are cumbersome to use, and support is very limited, even if you're a customer paying for support. CloudEndure on the other hand, requires minimal configuration and works without issue, as long as the platform being migrated is supported.

So far I've performed successful migrations with:

Windows 2003
Windows 2008
Windows 2012
Centos/RHEL 5.x
Centos/RHEL 6.x

Support has been outstanding and they are constantly adding features based on customer feedback.

Removing the unknown from Cloud migrations

  • By Anthony Parker
  • on 11/20/2015

CloudEndure is an amazingly small, yet powerful product, for performing migrations to a range of cloud providers. They have thought of every scenario!

From physical to cloud, vm to cloud or cloud to cloud, it's all covered.

We migrated 25 production instances and 17TB of data, in groups of 8 at a time. The setup took less than an hour to start the replication process, and less than a day of time to create the new replicas and test.

A couple of Windows 2003 servers gave us some trouble, but the very friendly support team was available immediately to steer us in the right direction and avoid any hold ups.

I cannot recommend this product enough!

Great simple tool migrating into AWS.

  • By Chad Cook
  • on 11/09/2015

I have recently used this tool to migrate some machine workloads from Azure into AWS.

The tool itself was hugely simple and easy to setup. The cutover process was quick and painless enabling a migration of 3tb machines with an outage less than 30 minutes.

Post sales support was fantastic with the support desk helping through out the process.

The tool could use a bit more visibility in some transfer statistics. Which i hope will come through in future releases.

Would definitely recommend

CloudEndure makes Migration Easy

  • By Skybrid
  • on 06/26/2015

CloudEndure simplifies moving workloads and reduces man effort. No more need to export VM's and import them into AWS. An agent handles replication of server and data, whilst the software also builds the replication environment and creates target. When planning large scale workload migrations, this tool can save you money and simplify the process.

Great Migration Product

  • By Steve Ferman
  • on 03/23/2015

I cannot say enough about Cloud Endures product a Bit by Bit replication tool that enables moving servers and data from point one location to another be it p2V or in our case V-v seamlessly. The support staff is also amazing in that they worked with us to make sure all migrated well and everything worked on the other side flawlessly. They spent countless hours working on a 5 server migration for a group of CPA's during tax season and the client's experience was such that they moved over one morning and were unaware of the transition except for a few hiccups which is to be expected in any migration. I highly recommend Cloud Endure.

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