Teradata Database Advanced

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Premier data warehouse software featuring Teradata Integrated Workload Management and no system concurrency limit. Customers get quick time to value and low total cost of ownership. Applications are portable across cloud and on-premises hybrid deployments. Teradata Database Advanced includes Teradata Database with Teradata Intelligent Memory, Teradata Columnar, Teradata Temporal, Row Level Security, Secure Zones, and rights to use: Teradata Integrated Workload Management (TIWM); Teradata Studio; and Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU). These tools are included with this AMI or are availabl... See more

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Failing on creating instance with auto scale group

  • By Praveen
  • on 03/07/2018

both free developer and this advanced version fail launching instance using cloud formation template with an error after 45 minutes during the install.

Group did not stabilize. {current/minSize/maxSize} group size = {0/1/1}. Failed Scaling Activity: Insufficient capacity. Launching EC2 instance failed

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