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Badu Networks WarpVM Cloud Network Optimization - 2Gbps

Badu Networks | 4.3-C19.1

Linux/Unix, CentOS CentOS 6.6 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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Nearly 4x Boost in Download Speed for our Streaming App

  • April 18, 2020
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

We have a live streaming app in AWS built on JWPlayer for Oil & Gas Industry. We use it to get a real-time view of activity across all of the drilling sites, and monitor how each piece of equipment is performing. Before we started using WarpVM we had lots of network issues with video pausing to buffer and slow frame rates.

Now with WarpVM, we're seeing up to a 4x increase in download speeds depending mainly on the volume of data and network distance between the user and the nearest AWS data center. There’s virtually no pausing and buffering, and no problems with slow frame rates.

Another thing that's important to us is that because WarpVM is a network proxy running solely in AWS, we didn't have to get internal IT support involved in installing any client software at our user sites. It also means we've never had to modify our application to work with it, or worry about JWPlayer changes impacting it.
Very easy to install, and the support has been great on the few occasions we needed it.

    Frank Cohen

Improves EC2 Network Speeds by 2x to 3.5x

  • April 01, 2020
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Based on my experience, I don’t know why WarpVM isn't a standard option for all AWS Marketplace apps... I found a 2x to 3.5x speed-up in performance of my app - a webrtc video streaming server. WarpVM installs as an AWS app in less than 10 minutes. I didn't have to install anything in-house. I just had to configure our network traffic to proxy through WarpVM, and saw results the same day. Videos don’t buffer or pause nearly as much, support caseload from our users is down significantly, and we’re able to service more users from the same AWS instances. We were looking at paying for VM and network upgrades, but WarpVM gave us what we needed for our AWS app for about one-tenth of what those upgrades would have cost.

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