LAMP with PHP 7.1 Certified by Bitnami

Deploying and configuring an environment can be a difficult and time-consuming hurdle to clear before working on a new application. When installing and configuring multiple components and libraries, many of which can conflict with one another, it is easy to make mistakes. This is why a pre-configured LAMP environment is so helpful- everything just works out of the box. Beyond the core components of the stack, Bitnami's LAMP includes extras that make it more powerful out of the box. Popular PHP frameworks like Zend and Laravel are pre-installed, as well as a wide variety of add-ons for func... See more

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Thanks bitnami for this image

  • By Thanks you
  • on 12/17/2017

I needed an image where to deploy an application in laravel and it complied with everything required, now I have more time to concentrate on my application.

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