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SFTP Gateway

Starting from $0.06/hr or from $479.00/yr (9% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

SFTP Gateway is a secure-by-default, pre-configured SFTP server that saves uploaded files to an Amazon S3 bucket. SFTP Gateway is a simple and affordable service that is designed to grow with your business needs. By providing a documented RESTful API, SFTP Gateway is ready to integrate into your current... See more

Customer Reviews

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Good documentation, great support

  • By Jacob
  • on 04/11/2019

The SFTP Gateway cloud formation template deployed seamlessly and worked as expected. We needed to set up some customizations for a user, and the documentation proved exhaustive and accurate. When our client had trouble connecting, Thorn responded immediately to our support requests and was helpful in resolving the issue even though it wasn't a problem with their system. If you need to do SFTP with AWS we highly recommend this product.

Great Product

  • By Kiran
  • on 08/30/2018

We looked into many softwares, but this software made our job easy and our process simple. Support response is also great.

Works as described, very helpful support

  • By Dennis
  • on 08/17/2018

Very useful product, I'm sure most devs will be comfortable setting this up manually, but this template saves so much time overall at a fair price.

They also have very comprehensive documentation, be sure to check it out if you're stuck setting things up. Support is also very detailed and responsive.

Just stores data in S3, but doesn't make the data accessible

  • By JF
  • on 08/07/2018

Same problem for me as MJ reported with his "Fatally Flawed" review.

This configures an SFTP you can connect to and deposit files to. That works fine, the files will all get synced up to your S3 bucket. But, the files themselves are accessible on the FTP.

For example, if you connect via an FTP client and drop a file there, it will appear in S3, but immediately disappear in the FTP interface. This is not usable if you are trying to allow someone to access files from the FTP, this is good for file deposit only (and ONLY if you don't care about getting the files from S3 instead of FTP).

Not ideal for our purposes, will have to use something else.

Excellent Product & Support

  • By Sol Irvine
  • on 06/05/2018

We needed to receive files via FTP from external sources and process them with our internal applications. The Thorn Tech SFTP Gateway provides a simple solution that lets us use S3 for long-term storage and staging before our apps pull files for processing. Documentation is good, but (more importantly) support is prompt and very helpful. This is a solid product for a use case like ours.

World class support!

  • By Rafiyath S.
  • on 05/24/2018

I came across this product while evaluating a complete SFTP solution with S3 as backend. This product seemed to be the one to go for!
After installation, I found out that the IAM role we're using in the team was lacking full access to create S3 buckets. I addressed this to the support, and a long email thread started from afternoon till 02:00 am! They gave a lot of tips and tricks to configure and tune the setup for me to make this work.
The next morning I got a working solution, the devs at Thorn Technologies just packaged a custom build for my specific request. I was amazed and happy once being able to proceed with the setup. I still have some issues and IAM permissions to fix before I can start working on production. This is what I call world class support!

Fatally Flawed

  • By MJ
  • on 05/23/2018

Rather than presenting an S3 bucket to SFTP clients, this setup offers a simple SFTP server with a background script that moves files to S3 at regular intervals, meaning that there's no provision for retrieving, renaming, or otherwise managing the filesystem on the S3 bucket via SFTP.
The concept is a good one, but this product is nowhere near ready for commercial release.

Straight forward design with excellent support from developers

  • By Joey O.
  • on 05/21/2018

We have deployed SFTP Gateway from Thorn Technologies in a relatively small environment. The traditional environment for running OpenSSH on a familiar Linux AMI makes transitioning the on-prem SFTP environment over to the AWS hosted one quit smooth. Existing keys can be moved easily enough, leaving only user account with passwords that need to be migrated with a little hand-holding.

The developer support has been excellent. While not documented (yet), the ability to script adding the users will aide in transition. If you're already familiar with a typical *nix based sshd host, this will be a very welcome migration.

Cheers Thorn Tech!

Easy to use and efficient product

  • By nanumolu
  • on 03/19/2018

Very easy to use and efficient product with loads of documentation and helpful pointers. The support was very good at answering all my queries quickly. Love the fact that data is transfered to S3 immediately.

Support and Features of this Product.

  • By Venkat
  • on 03/14/2018

I have been using this product for the past 8 months, the ease of use is excellent you can launch this manually or from cloud formation. I feel like even though if you have a great product we need a helping hand when you got struck, without that proper support no product will be great product. Here this support team will provide such a great helping hand in analyzing and fixing the issues. I have raised couple of operational issues recently those are very corner cases, still they have provided their expertise and resolved the issues. Thanks you guys for a Quick and responsible support.....