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Fatally Flawed

  • By MJ
  • on 05/23/2018

Rather than presenting an S3 bucket to SFTP clients, this setup offers a simple SFTP server with a background script that moves files to S3 at regular intervals, meaning that there's no provision for retrieving, renaming, or otherwise managing the filesystem on the S3 bucket via SFTP.
The concept is a good one, but this product is nowhere near ready for commercial release.

  • By Mike from Thorn Tech
  • on 11/14/2018

Hi MJ, thanks for checking out SFTP Gateway! Just to clarify, the product doesn't use a background script to periodically sync to S3. Rather, it monitors file descriptors of incoming SFTP files. As soon as the file descriptor is closed for writing, the file is immediately moved to S3, which allows for near real-time processing of uploaded files. But to address your larger concern, we intentionally designed SFTP Gateway to be a simple way to transfer files to S3 to automate processing of them, not so much as a tool to manage these files. That being said, a certain level of file retrieval and management is actually possible with the product. To facilitate file retrieval, you can configure a user to have a downloads directory, which will create a downloads folder in the user's folder in S3. When you upload files to this folder, these files will eventually be synced to that user's downloads directory on the SFTP Gateway server. If you would like to allow users to see their uploaded files, you can point their uploads directory on the server to their downloads folder on S3. Unlike the file upload process which happens immediately, the downloads are a periodic sync that is configurable based on your use cases. For more information on how to set this up, please see this knowledge base article: Just keep in mind that S3 is the source of truth, so any changes made to files that reside in S3 will be pushed down to the server. Sorry that the product didn't fit your needs, but thanks for giving it a shot!