CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

CloudEndure utilizes AWS to provide an affordable enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery solution for any source workload - physical, virtual or cloud-based. Using CloudEndure's Continuous Replication and Machine Conversion technologies, you may recover workloads into AWS within minutes, launching the latest state of source machines (near-zero RPO). CloudEndure also allows you to recover your machine(s) to previous points-in-time to help recover from Ransomware attacks, malware, or database corruptions. Additional features include unlimited self-service non-intrusive DR tests and automated fail... See more

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Outstanding product, outstanding support

  • By Rus Healy
  • on 07/27/2016

I've worked with CloudEndure for more than a year on several customer projects. The product is very good. CloudEndure support is proactive, readily available, and just fantastic to work with. We've discussed a number of feature upgrades and changes that they've implemented quickly and their road map is mainly driven by customer requests. It's a great way to run a business! CloudEndure is one of the best products on the market, and hands down the best for cloud migration and DR.

CloudEndure migration and DR tools

  • By Sam Samimi
  • on 12/01/2015

Great Product! Super simple to use. we have used this product with several migration and DR projects successfully. both linux and windows agents worked great.

Cost effective, Quick to deploy, Disaster Recovery

  • By Customer Three
  • on 06/26/2015

Agent based DR software replicates VMs and Physical machines to AWS. Easy to setup and monitor, no business interruption to setup. Great product.


  • By Dave Davies
  • on 06/25/2015

This product can literally take a physical or virtual machine and clone it into amazon with no impact on the source machine. It is truly the best SaaS product I have seen in years.

When you see your own machines booted and running in aws it takes you back to the first time you saw vmware vmotion, brilliant stuff

Great product, very easy to install

  • By Jonathan
  • on 06/23/2014

Very easy to install product to setup DR data across regions. I know the people behind the product (but am not affiliated myself) and can say that they are a great team, they are very active and are releasing new features continuously.

CloudEndure - Excellent Disaster Recovery: Simple, affordable and comprehensive

  • By Commerce Sciences
  • on 06/16/2014

We were about to start developing a DR solution internally when we came across CloudEndure's Disaster Recovery solution. One of our top concerns was how to reduce RPO & RTO to a minimum and I'm glad to say that CloudEndure's solution gave us hands-down the best solution we could ask for. Using their continuous replication, we don't loose a single bit.

Pros: Quick to install, 1-click failover / testing.
Cons: None so far.

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