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OpenShot Video Editing Cloud API

Starting from $0.15 to $0.15/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Editing videos in the cloud has never been easier! OpenShot Cloud API is a REST-based framework, which allows videos to be created, edited, transcoded, animated, and much more! It can be quickly integrated into websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, and just about any programming language... See more

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Fast Prototype Environment

  • By Bill
  • on 01/05/2019

I'm currently working with my company on a proposal for a video editing tool for a potential client. With OpenShot, I was able to build a small proof of concept to demonstrate the basic functionality in just about a day of work. I found the documentation to be clear and the one time I had a question, I got an almost immediate response via email.

If this project goes forward, OpenShot seems like a perfect platform to build out our production application on.

Great product, great service

  • By Parsus
  • on 01/23/2018

OpenShot is a great way to create API-based videos. Their customer services is also prompt and very good. Thanks; we are very happy!

Solid video editing/processing API

  • By Graham
  • on 08/25/2017

There is a really lack of good products on the market that can accomplish programatic video creation. When our previous provider went belly up we were put in a tough spot, because there were no suitable replacement products on the market! ... Just in time, we found this newly launched Openshot API - and it was easy to setup and very powerful in what it can accomplish. In a matter of days we have been able to code most of the integration we need to create real estate tours. The developer is also very active and has a good plans for future development!

Easy to use

  • By Justin T.
  • on 08/09/2017

I just needed a quick way to carve up videos and this worked perfectly. The REST API made it very easy to integrate into our existing products.

Awesome! Easy to setup and use - works great!

  • By Oomph Media, LLC
  • on 08/09/2017

We've used the OpenShot desktop application for quite a while, so it was great to hear about this AMI. I jumped at the chance to install and try it out and it was way easier than I expected. The AMI installed without a problem and the product worked perfectly in my tests.

The OpenShot Cloud API allows you to upload, edit, render and then retrieve the modified videos. From what I can tell, the typical features for a video editor are there: layers, effects, transitions between clips, multiple export formats, etc.

The AMI instructions are just a few lines and will have you up and working in very short order. There is a built-in browser-accessible REST interface as well, so you can actually do everything you want in your browser to just test it out. I was able to spin up the instance, create a project, upload a video, and have it rendered with a "negative" effect in just a few minutes, really. And the video was then available to view in the browser. This was on the smallest allowed instance type and using a very short test video.

A real-world use of this platform would be to integrate it into a video production pipeline, accessing the REST API through code, but the browser interface is a nice plus, for sure, and lets you jump in and test it out.

There are more detailed docs available, too. I would like see the docs expanded a bit, but I didn't have any issues and didn't really dig too deeply. The "Getting Started" section was really all I needed, and there are code examples there as well.

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