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Quilt Business

Quilt is a versioned data portal for S3 that enables data science teams to accelerate data discovery and improve data quality. Quilt Business includes: a web client that adds search, documentation, and visualization to your data in S3, a Python client for reading, writing, and annotating data in scripts... See more

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Missing tool in Data Science pipeline

  • By Grzegorz M.
  • on 10/05/2019

Quilt simplified our flow in data maintenance and versioning. Now, it became extremely easy to keep track of changes in a dataset and refer in a reproducible manner a specific revision without worrying if someone overwrites the data. We have it already integrated into our flow, so the dataset updates interfere with model building no more.
Quilt team provides us with ongoing support. Bugs happen in every software, but in the case of small bug we found, we received a fixup in no time, so we could smoothly continue our work.
We spotted some drawbacks in Quilt Teams some time ago. These are mostly resolved here, and remaining "wishes" are on the roadmap. It's really nice that devs listen to our needs!
What we love most about Quilt, is the caching feature. We reduced data transfer costs while keeping low complexity of scripts.
Overall grade is 5/5 since that tool was missing heavily in the flow we had for Machine Learning. At this moment we use it also for versioning models (especially that we generate models in a bunch of formats each time) and Jupyter Notebooks (for which Git isn't the best option)

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