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So far very satisfied with this AMI

  • By Rodolfo
  • on 02/15/2021

I am using this AMI for about a month. I am using it as a base for a Cloud Gaming PC. On top of it I just add to install:
• Parsec, to stream out the video from the Cloud PC to my local PC;
• VB-Audio, to capture the audio from the games; and
• Steam, to access/install my games.
I started with a G4gn.xlarge and this is enough for most of the games. For more demanding games – like Flight Simulator 2020, which is GPU and CPU demanding – I use a G4gn.2xlarge and I can run it smoothly at 30-40 fps on Full HD and High-End settings.
So far, I am very satisfied with this AMI.

  • By shadeslayer
  • on 10/31/2021

Any success with Forza horizon 4 on this one or the Microsoft Base 19 ami ? The .exe runs in the background but the game itself never starts. First tried with g4dn.xlarge and then with g4dn.2xlarge ec2 instance as well.

  • By maverick
  • on 06/12/2021

Can you share more details on how you made the audio for games to work? Links etc. will help and if there's anything extra to be done after to make it work. Thanks

  • By muhannad
  • on 05/06/2021

did you manage to display 192x1080 resolution on parsec without having remote desktop running in parallel? as i noticed when using this image, the available resolution cant go to 1080 FHD using parsec , please advice

  • By Vincent
  • on 04/20/2021

Hi Rodolfo and thanks for your comment. I am really interested in how you managed to install Flight Simulator 2020. I have bought the game and could never install it on my windows server 2019 How did you proceed? Thanks a lot

  • By Chris
  • on 04/08/2021

Rodolfo - this is exactly what I want to do! Play MSFS 2020 and other games. Can you point me to a resource as to how to set this up? And what kind of framerates do you get in MSFS?