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    Callum T.

Gives you a single location for all your cloud security

  • December 08, 2019
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
The fact its very easy to use and setup, you can get it running in just a few hours.
The security it provides to any cloud based network.
Its automated so it pretty much runs itself.
Yearly costs are very low for the protection provided
Very good for compliance, allows you to create audit reports on the fly while also reducing full audit costs due to availability of what items within your cloud enviroments are meeting compliance standards
What do you dislike?
The setup can be a little complex if you are not familiar with how Sophos want things setup.
Quite expensive for what you get.
Sometimes the support can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes its great and you can be in contact with someone via the phone instantly whereas other times it can be a little trickier to get a resolution to an issue (which isnt always the best solution)
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Maintaining security on multiple cloud enviroments, AWS, Azure etc. Allows you to make sure its under a watchful eye similar to the software you can get for in house servers.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
If you ar eusing a cloud based solution for servers or any form of data stored online, i would highly reccomend looking into this software, as without it you will really struggle to protect these enviroments in such a way to keep them secure from any outside threats, the last thing you want is for an external threat to get access to data or servers you have in the cloud as its just as easy (if not more) as accessing a internal server for them, basic security proceedures such as password changes to accounts and limiting who can connect to such data is one thing but adding this will protect from a multitude of other threats.

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