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CyFIR Investigator, 5 Concurrent Remote Agents


Linux/Unix, CentOS CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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    M. M.

A real game changer

  • September 05, 2020
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A few years ago, I handled a case, overseas, where I spent a weekend imaging systems related to an industrial espionage case. Expenses, alone, amounted to nearly $8000. Had the cloud-based version of CyFIR investigator been available, then, I could have performed the entire investigation without leaving my office (and without the out-of-pocket travel expenses).

Last month I had a case involving ACH Fraud where, using CyFIR Investigator, I was able to analyze devices in three different states and report my findings in less than 36 hours, preventing almost $100,000 in fraudulent wire transfers.

I've been doing Digital Forensics and Incident Reponse (DFIR) for over two decades and, as an independent investigator, the greatest limitations have been the cost of the tools and the need to be on-site for many investigations.

CyFIR Investigator addresses both of those issues making me competitive with the capabilities of many larger firms at a far lower price-point.

In addition, CyFIR is designed as a DFIR tool, having many of the remote inspection features of endpoint protection tools but with a unique emphasis on the data points most used by digital forensic investigators.

In incident response, time is of the essence and with a new client, much of that time can be consumed in trying to understand the "substrate" on which the investigation will take place.

With CyFIR Investigator, I can be learning that while I am collecting time-sensitive information rather than learning it as a precondition of the investigation.

Most of the tools at my disposal augment my practice. CyFIR Investigator has actually changed the way that I practice insofar as remote cases are concerned.

As I said in the title, CyFIR Investigator is a true game-changer.

[Disclaimer: I worked for the company that developed CyFIR in 2016 but the cloud-based service that I am describing was not available, then.]

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