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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Intel | 2023.2.0

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2023 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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Run DL Models faster!

  • October 18, 2023
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

The Intel distribution of OpenVINO AMI is a versatile solution for deep learning inference workloads on AWS. The OpenVINO AMI provides a pre-configured environment for OpenVINO, and preconfigured Jupyter Notebooks which makes it easy to get started and deploy models quickly


Easy to use via Jupyter Notebook

  • September 21, 2021
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

With OpenVINO preinstalled, it is easy to quickly start experimenting with OpenVINO toolkit. Access to OpenVINO jupyter Notebook directly without logging into the console is convienent


AWS OpenVino Kit Crashes

  • September 03, 2021
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace


I installed OpenVino Image from AWS Marketplace using SpotInstance

Did RDP into the instance using the commands below.
Copying a text with the with right click mouse drag closes the remote desktop.

Very nice bug sir in the image. Please fix it.


sudo yum -y update
sudo amazon-linux-extras install mate-desktop1.x
sudo rpm -Uvh
sudo openssl req -x509 -sha384 -newkey rsa:3072 -nodes -keyout /etc/xrdp/key.pem -out /etc/xrdp/cert.pem -days 365
sudo yum install xrdp tigervnc-server
sudo systemctl start xrdp
sudo systemctl enable xrdp
sudo passwd ec2-user
sudo OpenVinoDev1

/etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini and comment out the line containing “channel_code = 1”.
sudo sed -i 's/<USER>/ec2-user/' /etc/systemd/system/vncserver@.service

sudo yum install ./google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable /usr/bin/chromium

sudo file -s /dev/xvdf
sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xvdf
sudo mkdir /Data
sudo mount /dev/xvdf /Data/

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak
vi /etc/fstab
/dev/xvdf /Data ext4 default,nofail 0 0
sudo mount -a

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