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bucketAV powered by ClamAV - Antivirus for Amazon S3

widdix GmbH | 2.15.1

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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Solid Reliable Product + Great Support

  • July 13, 2023
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Been using in production for a few years, runs like a dream and keeps malware signatures up to date. Support is always on hand and prompt if you ever require it too. Would recommend!

    Kieran P

Simple set and forget AV protection

  • May 01, 2023
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

We needed to scan all our current and future S3 files for viruses. bucketAV was a breeze to setup and, apart from some occasional manual upgrades (which are easy to complete), bucketAV has not required any interaction. It runs in the background, using spot instances, which helps keeps the cost low. High recommended for anyone needing S3 file Antivirus scanning for regulatory compliance.


Easy to use and great support!

  • December 19, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

I set up a micro-service for my team that uses bucketAV. Their FAQ and setup guide do a fantastic job helping you get everything setup, but when I had a question that wasn't in the FAQ, I sent them an email and they responded very quickly.


Excellent tool and responsive developers

  • November 23, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

BucketAV works well for our needs of ensuring the safety of uploaded files to our buckets. It was easy to set up, both manually for testing, and daisy-chained through our Terraform IaC configurations when we were ready to roll it out.

The developers responded quickly to a feature request required for our specific infrastructure configurations, and they implemented said feature in the very next version release.

    Tom Luce

Excellent all round

  • November 09, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

When i'm looking at using a service I care deeply about the usability, the level of documentation, responsive support, and evidence of ongoing maintenance. The team behind BucketAV provide all of that.

It's easy to set up as there are a lot of guides. New features and updates are pushed out regularly. If you have an issue then Michael and Andreas are responsive and very knowledgeable.


Simple to setup and attentive support

  • August 26, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Really happy with BucketAV so far. It was a breeze to setup and get running in production. Docs are great and when I reached out to them with some questions they got back to me really quickly, very happy with the support.


Easy-to-deploy Template with Awesome Support

  • June 13, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

The CloudFormation template was easy to follow and deploy.

Choosing a vendor with solid support was one of our criteria. I ran into a minor issue, reached out, and got a response from Andreas, one of the founders, in less than 2 hours. He is very knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough. We were able to identify and address the issue in just a handful of email exchanges.

New features are continuously being added.

The founders truly care about their product. Definitely give bucketAV a try if you haven't already.


Easy to use, YARA rules support

  • June 13, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Fast AV check, quick response from support.

We needed to do some additional checks for our files, support quickly helped to extend ClamAV with YARA rules.

Highly recommend!


Easy setup and works well!

  • May 24, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

The simple nature of installing and upgrading bucketAV is fantastic!

My first attempt at installing and upgrading bucketAV went smoothly and was easy to achieve thanks not only to its ease of use, but also a list of simple and concise instructions.

The in-built dashboard within Cloudwatch makes it easy to identify what and when malicious files were attempted to be uploaded.

The team at bucketAV were easy to deal with and quick with responses to any queries I had.

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting anti-virus protection on their S3 bucket!

    Andreas Öberg

Great product - easy to use

  • May 10, 2022
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

The setup guide is very good and easy to understand. I set things up manually following the guide first just to see if it worked for my needs.
After this I downloaded the template and used it in my CDK setup, setting up the inputs that way and using resource references and outputs to integrate into other stacks. Now I can deploy a new BucketAV stack for a new environment in 30 minutes.
Wish: To be able to use Lambda instead of EC2. I have no idea if this is possible, but it would be great to save money for small projects that doesn't have a lot of file needing to be scanned.