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DxEnterprise for Availability Groups on Windows 2019 - w/ 24/7 Support

DH2i | DxEnterprise v21 on Windows 2019 ------ 24x7

Windows, Windows Server 2019 Base 2019 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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    Brian G.

Easiest failover software for SQL Server

  • June 23, 2020
  • Review verified by G2

What do you like best about the product?
This software makes it incredibly easy to do failover for SQL Server. If you have ever used PolyServe, DxEnterprise offers all of the same features and more. Plus it is a supported tool unlike Polyserve.
DxEnterprise makes it easy to install a new SQL Instance, upgrade an existing SQL instance and failover an instance. On top of that, it will fail over any services you want along with the instance and will move the SAN disk over to the failover machine too.
It is a stable and very useful tool supported by an excellent team at DH2i
What do you dislike about the product?
The ONLY feature that I dislike is when I have built a bad template for install and the install fails. The error message it gives back is not that descript and I need to dig into the filesystem to grab a copy of the summary.txt file to figure out what went wrong.
This annoyance is very minor though and exists with SQL Server itself.
What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?
The problems that this tool solves are failover. This is a cost effective, cross platform tool for handling failover of SQL instances and, as of the last time I investigated this, is the only tool that offers cross platform failover. What I mean by cross platform failover is you can have your primary SQL instance hosted on a Windows VM and your secondary on a Linux VM and DxEnterprise can fail this over easily. This can help reduce costs of licensing on your Windows VM's.
On top of that, if you need to do maintenance on a SQL instance, failovers take the time it takes for the SQL instance to come online. At my workplace, this is approximately 1 minute on our slowest to start instance. And the instances start up concurrently so the failover takes as long as the slowest to start instance. Due to this, it is possible to do server maintenance (with a minor interruption) during company uptime.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
If you are looking for a cost effective failover solution for your environment, DxEnterprise is the way to go. It offers support for any windows service to fail over to a secondary (or more) machine. You can even group like services or sql instances together and fail over a group without failing over the entire machine.

    Michael Y.

Simple to use container management software

  • August 30, 2019
  • Review verified by G2

What do you like best about the product?
By far the most helpful is the cost containment. We now run native Microsoft SQL instances in containers and do it at scale. DxEnterprise helps us manage the mobility aspect of SQL containers in a way that allows for host-based maintenance without container interruption. Very similar to VM's and ESX hosts.
What do you dislike about the product?
Sometimes the interface is a little bit lacking. Hasn't evolved much over the years other than getting more stable.
What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?
Microsoft licensing cost containment and SQL instance mobility. We realized hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings by implementing DxEnt in the first year alone. Also, the H/A features are key to maintaining 24/7 operations. It is built into our business model now, as SQL runs many of our core applications.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Find out what is the most important aspect of container management (cost, availability, agility, expandability, etc) and talk to these guys about how the tool can solve your problem. My first problem was solving the cost issue, but if you can't integrate into your backup software properly, it may not cost less overall. When queried, these guys were great about finding other customers with similar issues and connecting us together so that we could learn from someone who already solved it. So please talk to them if you have any questions.

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