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Unable to launch

  • By srinivasWin11protest
  • on 10/30/2023

Created AWS Win11 pro instance from AMI marketplace. To create Windows 11 pro instance it takes a very long time.

Can you please help, Is there something that I missed in config or anything else, please let me know.

  • By TLC
  • on 12/08/2023

Thank you for your feedback. The boot time has been improved with the new 23H2 version we just released. Please see if this helps. The improvement comes from having dramatically fewer packages and updates to install after initial boot, as compared to the 22H2 version. Note to readers, performance is mostly controlled by the user and is improved by using larger instance types. But, 23H2 will take less time to auto-upgrade, once booted.

  • By TLC
  • on 11/24/2023

Hello, I am sorry you are having issues. The problems you are having are not related to anything in TLC control. Your rating is completely inaccurate with respect to the quality of this product when up and running. To successfully complete a first boot, you must 1) boot with a powerful enough machine, t3.2xlarge or larger, with high I/O disks. 2) You must allow an hour or two, depending on both Microsoft server and instance performance, time for the several gig 23H2 image to download and install. This will replace the 22H2 the image is based on. 3) Once you update the image and able to log in, you can stop the instance, and re-launch with smaller instance size and/or cheaper (magnetic) disks to save on costs. Spend some money on AWS power and resources to get the image updated and booted. Don't be cheap. Don't blame me for your cheapness. Ironically, it is possible I/we may be able to release an updated version of this AMI. However, the technical challenges and hurdles providing updates to this release are immense and expensive. Your giving low ratings to TLC cheats other customers who are misinformed about this product, while simultaneously starves TLC of funds necessary to engineer improvements so you can perhaps avoid some downloads from Microsoft. The problems you outline are solely Windows OS and AWS instance performance issues, coupled with your own inability/unwillingness to provision instances with disk, memory and cpu required to update the base image. The low rating hurts everyone, including yourself, who will now have to wait even longer for updates because of disinformation via poor ratings.