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As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud helps companies securely monitor their production software in virtually any environment, without having to build or maintain dedicated infrastructure. New Relic helps companies improve application performance, create delightful customer experiences, and realize business success.

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Bring Your Own License + AWS usage fees
This AMI makes it quick and easy to start monitoring many AWS metrics via pre-configured dashboards in New Relic. The AMI contains the agent portion of the AWS Plugin for ...
Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 14.04 | 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
From $0 to $149+/mo
New Relic's software analytics product for application performance management delivers real-time and critical information about your web application's performance from the ...
Software as a Service
From $0 to $69+/mo
New Relic Synthetics is a suite of automated, scriptable tools to monitor your websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints. Synthetics Pro users get free ...
Software as a Service
From $0 to $999+/mo
Maintaining mobile applications in their fragmented production ecosystems is a challenging task. New Relics mobile APM (mAPM) toolset brings performance data to the surface ...
Software as a Service
From $0 to $149+/mo
New Relic Browser provides deep visibility and actionable insights into real users' experiences on your website. With standard page load timing (sometimes referred to as ...
Software as a Service