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About StorReduce Inc

StorReduce Inc., is a US company with an office in Sunnyvale California USA, and representatives in Sydney, Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand. StorReduce is an AWS Partner. StorReduce offers ground-breaking on-cloud deduplication software for companies storing large amounts (10 Terabytes to Petabytes) of block data (like backups, archives, big data and general file data) on AWS S3 or AWS Glacier. It reduces your cloud storage volume of data and cost down to between 1/2 and 1/20th of the original. StorReduce's software can also be used on-premise for a CAPEX-free, very affordable way of migrating an enterprise's large tape archives and backup appliance data onto the AWS Cloud. The StorReduce AMI Free Trial deduplicates block level data stored in S3 down to between 1/2 and 1/20th of the original size and reduces your AWS storage cost by up to 95%. The StorReduce AMI is simple to configure and makes it easy to get started. StorReduce deduplicates and restores data at speeds of up to 600MB/s (depending on the EC2 instance type), with minimum additional latency. It can be used for Terabytes to unlimited Petabytes of data. StorReduce has an S3 interface so your data can be natively accessed by AWS services such as Elastic MapReduce and CloudSearch. The StorReduce AMI can also be deployed onto on-premise devices to ingest large amounts (TB to PB) of data from tape archives or backup appliances into the AWS Cloud.

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