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About Dedistributed LLC

Dedistributed LLC provides in-cloud streaming and batch applications with low latency access to curated IP-based datasets for fast record enrichment. Our service Dedistributed PTR gives sub-millisecond access to the complete set of 1.3 billion hostname values (DNS PTR values) for IPv4. We have cloud-friendly consumption pricing, trivial setup, and are ideal for Kafka, Spark, Storm, Kinesis, and Elastic/ELK applications. Use the datasets or access our pre-populated managed caches directly. Headquarted in Durham, NC, USA. Available in an AZ near you.

Dedistributed LLC

Dedistributed LLC Products (1)
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Perform IP-based enrichment. Get the DNS PTR record for an IP address. Lookup the hostname. Do a reverse (DNS) lookup. Streaming and batch applications performing this operation more than 100 million times daily or those requiring low latency should use Dedistributed PTR, a drop-in replacement for the...

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