About CloudOpt
CloudOpt securely accelerates applications and data movement into and around the cloud. Our CloudOptimizer product is a WAN optimization virtual appliance and software that reduces data transfer times and costs by up to 95%. It is easy to install, configure and use.
Product Features

Accelerates data movement & application access into and around the cloud
Accelerates data transfer into and out of Amazon S3
Accelerates most applications and data transfer methods
Deploys as an EC2 AMI in the cloud and as a virtual appliance or as software on the ground
Provides cloud-enabled WAN optimization with no bandwidth limits
Cloud-friendly pricing including charging the same price on any sized instance and in all regions
Automatically encrypts applications and data into the cloud
Maintains the end-to-end trust model for secure connections
Highly flexible and elastic deployment inside and outside the cloud
Fast Start Acceleration - enables acceleration from newly started instances
Uses RFC compliant, non-proprietary protocols
Hypervisor agnostic


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