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uantivo delivers the industry's first cloud-optimized analytic experience that is frictionless, fast, and flexible. Unlike traditional solutions, Quantivo empowers business users and analysts to quickly load, assess, integrate and analyze large data sets from disparate sources - within hours, not weeks. This is only possible because of Quantivo's proven, proprietary pattern-store technology, advanced query engine, and elastic cloud architecture. These powerful capabilities drastically simplify the loading of data, and enables users to discover associations in their data through a train-of-thought query interface. Quantivo's technology is proven; it was originally developed to identify fraudulent buyer behavior with a major credit card company in 2006. Quantivo's technology has been deployed into a wide range of industries and is currently in use by Fortune 500 companies like PartyCity, Mannheim Auto Auctions, and ASOS, as well as small and medium sized businesses. Quantivo also supports an extensive partner network of marketing agencies and technology consultants that provide data-driven strategies to their own clients. Quantivo is venture backed, and maintains 5 patents on the core technology.


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Quantivo Analyzer enables a new analytics experience that is bound only by imagination of the user - it's a full stack for turning raw data into intelligence. Quantivo's...

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