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SendGrid Labs is a new and growing internal effort at SendGrid. Born in late 2012, SendGrid Labs builds tools and services to help developers focus on their core business. It aims to provide creative and innovative solutions to common developer pain points to make their lives easier, and to help them scale. SendGrid is the ideal platform for an initiative like Labs, because it already solves a major developer pain point email deliverability, infrastructure, and scalability. Like every other tech company, SendGrid has experienced growing pains, and has had to utilize tools like those being generated at SendGrid Labs to help us scale. We want to give back to our fellow developers who have made SendGrid what it is, by spinning out the tools we've developed for others to use.

SendGrid Labs

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Loader.io is a cloud-based service running on AWS that gives you the ability to quickly and easily stress test your web apps and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections....

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