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Ilesfay Technology Group is a leading provider of cloud based data replication solutions. Using patented technologies, Ilesfay offers a suite of products delivering global value across collaborative workgroups in clouds, between clouds, and in private data centers.
As organizations evolve into extended enterprises, making use of cloud computing is crucial in efficiently keeping up with network demand, effectively sharing data, and driving costs down.
Drawing on deep experience in network connectivity and large data sets, Ilesfay was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2009 to meet market demand by changing the rules of the game for staffing, hardware requirements, and transfer speeds.
Ilesfay's unique technology replaces point-to-point connections and ensures delivery of the right information in the optimal fashion. The Content Delivery Engine (CDE) is the operational core utilizing PointToCloud® architecture and MatchMaking® analysis services to serve multiple applications in the areas of collaboration, replication, vaulting, backup, and more.

Ilesfay Technology Group

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