About Adeptia

Adeptia is a software company that enables business users to create connections with customers and partners in minutes. Adeptia believes business users should be able to access information anywhere, anytime by creating data connections themselves, and its mission is to enable that self-service capability. Adeptia is a unique social network for digital business connectivity for citizen integrators to respond quickly to business opportunities and get to revenue faster. Adeptia helps Information Technology (IT) staff to manage this capability while retaining control and security. Adeptias unified hybrid offering with simple data connectivity in the cloud, and optional on-premises enterprise process-based integration provides a competitive advantage to 450+ customers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Adeptia technology is recognized by Gartner and Forrester Research as a leading solution in the market. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA and with an office in New Delhi, India, Adeptia provides world-class support to its customers around-the-clock.


Adeptia Products (3)
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Adeptia Connect Secure Bridge

Secure Bridge allows users to create end-to-end connections where a source or a destination of the connection can be internal databases or applications. For business users...

Adeptia Integration Suite

The Adeptia Integration Suite (AIS) is the most versatile and comprehensive integration software platform on the market. By using AIS, you will be able to reduce customer...

Adeptia Connect Secure Engine

Secure Engine is a dedicated run-time, execution engine that runs all data access and processing within the customer environment. Actual connection execution that involves...

showing 1 - 3