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About - IoT Platform SaaS is an IoT Platform SaaS packs a punch with device management, data collection, and visual data analytics. It works with your cloud account seamlessly without heavy infrastructure, intensive cloud know-how or what is even better, there is no systems being installed. It connects via AWS "Identity and Access Management" (IAM) of your account and an IoT platform will be up and running instantly. The IoT management platform its unique architect ensure you to keep precious IoT data with peace of mind and requires very limited cloud architect knowledge. - IoT Platform SaaS - IoT Platform SaaS Products (2)
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Benchy is a SaaS platform for M2M encrypted IoT data that allows the exchange of data using "Tangle", a technology by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). When a connected device's data is exchanged via Benchy, the Benchy API sends a transaction notification that records the time of each transaction... is an IoT management SaaS platform for Auto Provision AWS IoT Core while enabling IoT management functions in less than one minute. It manages connected devices to run safer, smarter and enlarge data value to the business. Device OTA, Trigger actions and notifications, paired with mobile...

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