Cost management and governance

As organizations grow their cloud footprint, they require visibility into resource consumption and the ability to manage spend across their multi-account environments. Integrating cost management solutions into AWS Control Tower helps customers proactively manage costs and resources in AWS accounts upon creation, streamlining spend management at scale.

These are just a few examples of cost management and governance solutions. Scroll down or use the drop-down menu to learn more about each solution.

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  • CloudCheckr
  • Flexera
  • Spot by NetApp


CloudCheckr CMx unifies disparate data sources to provide immediate and actionable insights. These insights allow end users to achieve significant cost savings, while ensuring the highest level of AWS security and compliance. When integrated with AWS Control Tower, end users can quickly create new AWS Accounts and seamlessly apply a multi-functional toolkit of cloud governance solutions.

CloudCheckr CMx features include:

  • Over 600 best practice checks for security, performance, availability, and cost efficiency
  • Actionable insights and optimization recommendations
  • Compliance benchmarking for over 35 international frameworks
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting
  • Remediation and self-healing automation
  • Continuous configuration and utilization analysis

How it works

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Cornell is among the premier private universities in the United States and has embraced the benefits of shifting from data centers to AWS. However, the various initiatives and accounts quickly became hard to manage. Cornell consolidated its 65 individual AWS accounts by using CloudCheckr CMx to provide multi-account reporting, improve governance, and manage costs.

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By offering total visibility and valuable recommendations, CloudCheckr helps people feel even more comfortable stepping into the AWS Cloud.

Sarah Christen, Assistant Director of Community Platforms and Cloudification Services, Cornell University is comprehensive governance software solution that delivers visibility and control of cloud workloads. Building on AWS Control Tower security and account baselining capabilities, provides insights into reporting and planning, allocates proper budgeting, and prevents overspending. allows organizations to manage their cloud presence at scale through account management, budget enforcement, and compliance automation. features include:

  • Hierarchical account governance to better allocate funds
  • Spending policies to proactively enforce responsible use of cloud services
  • Forecasted data reports
  • Account level spend tracking
  • Configurable enforcement actions to alert, freeze spending, and terminate resources when thresholds are exceeded
  • Identification of underutilized and unused resources

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Fleet Complete

Applied Insight needed cloud governance software to scale cloud operations and adhere to regulations across their US Defense, Intelligence, and Federal Civilian customers. By implementing, Applied Insight was able to gain visibility, report on compliance, and prevent security issues before they happened. With, Applied Insight helps to ensure that customers achieve the automation, compliance, and fiscal benefits of cloud governance.

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Before, our public sector customers were forced to use manual tracking mechanisms to visualize their enterprise cloud presence. With, we streamline our customers’ entire cloud operations capabilities and ensure customers remain adherent to all applicable Government regulatory guidelines.

Adam Gruber, CTO, Applied Insight


Flexera Optima is a cost management and optimization solution that helps customers reduce cloud costs and manage their multi-account AWS environments to accelerate their business. With Optima, IT teams gain visibility and predictability into their cloud consumption, automate governance policies, and reduce wasted cloud spend. The platform includes support for team training, customizing recommendation rules, setting strategies for tagging and recommendations, and more.

Flexera's Optima features includes:

  • Combined billing data and detailed usage information
  • Unused or underutilized cloud resource detection
  • Allocations for chargeback and show back to the appropriate cost centers or teams
  • Customized reporting for every part of your organization
  • Future cost forecasting

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Coupa needed a more comprehensive view of their spending along with better cost control in a multi-cloud environment. With Flexera, Coupa gained complete visibility of their cloud spend including Reserved Instance (RI) usage, customized reporting, and other modifications. Thanks to Flexera’s recommendations, Coupa has achieved significant annual cost savings (up to 40%
on avg.), upgraded old instances, and gained deeper insights into their billing and data usage.

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Flexera helped us get insights on our cloud spend and be more efficient by reducing waste.

     JayKay Selvaraj, Senior Engineer, Technical Products, Coupa

Spot by NetApp

Spot by NetApp's solutions allows end users to fully leverage Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and reserved capacity without operational overhead and complexity. Spot by NetApp automates and optimizes your AWS infrastructure delivering SLA-backed availability and performance at the lowest possible cost. Machine learning and application-driven scaling enables you to run any workload, providing an optimal blend of Savings Plans, Reserved, Spot, and On-Demand Instances.

Spot by NetApp features includes:

  • Hands-free infrastructure for Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)
  • Application-driven scaling and predictive algorithms enabling mission-critical workloads to run on Spot instances with high availability
  • Savings Plans and Reserved Instance optimization
  • Cloud-native cost reporting and analysis  

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Duolingo needed to reduce cloud costs and optimize its usage of Reserved Instances. Deploying an optimal blend of AWS pricing models, Spot by NetApp prioritizes usage on unused, available Reserved Instances and leverages Spot Instances for everything else. Spot by NetApp allows Duolingo to focus on core innovation while consistently reducing their Amazon ECS costs by over 65 percent.

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We’ve saved 65% of our compute cost and simplified our operations by taking a hands-off approach to managing our workloads and infrastructure using Spot by NetApp.
     Max Blaze, Chief Architect, Duolingo