Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Organizations that deliver code must quickly automate and secure their development pipeline. New CI/CD solutions offer machine learning capabilities to simplify the code delivery process while providing enterprise-grade security.

These are just a few examples of CI/CD solutions. Scroll down or use the drop-down menu to learn more about each solution.

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  • GitLab
  • CloudBees
  • CircleCI
  • Armory Spinnaker (EKS)
  • Harness
  • XebiaLabs


GitLab Ultimate is a complete DevOps platform delivered as a single application that facilitates team collaboration. GitLab helps accelerate software delivery from weeks to minutes, reduces development costs, and decreases the risk of application vulnerabilities while increasing developer productivity. GitLab's CI/CD pipeline allow users to build, test, deploy, and monitor their code as part of a single, integrated workflow.

GitLab Ultimate features include:

  • Multi-platform and multi-language support
  • Automatic scan for code quality and security
  • Multiple jobs per stage pipeline and parallel builds
  • Automatic scaling of VMs
  • Real-time logging

How it works

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs had built its own toolchain and wanted a modern solution to expand concurrent development. GitLab offered a comprehensive CI/CD infrastructure that gave Goldman Sachs the ability to replace their current toolchain while increasing their build velocity. As a result, the engineering group at Goldman Sachs saw dozens of teams pushing to production in less than 24 hours.

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GitLab has allowed us to dramatically increase the velocity of development in our Engineering Division. We believe GitLab’s dedication to helping enterprises rapidly and effectively bring software to market will help other companies achieve the same sort of efficiencies we have seen inside Goldman Sachs. We now see some teams running and merging 1000+ CI feature branch builds a day!

Andrew Knight, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a critical DevOps practice that aims to make application delivery toolchains more seamless, reliable, and efficient.


CloudBees CI (Core) is a CI/CD automation engine that accelerates software delivery via seamless collaboration. CloudBees and AWS enhance the shared elasticity and power of Jenkins for software delivery processes. Companies can scale centralized operations, share best practices, accelerate onboarding, and enforce compliance in a secure environment.

CloudBees CI features include:

  • Integration with Verified Jenkins plugins through the CloudBees Assurance Program
  • Comprehensive Jenkins team management
  • Best practices and enforcement of global corporate regulatory, security, and compliance policy
  • Increased visibility with infrastructure health monitoring and alerting
  • Infrastructure health monitoring and alerting

How it works

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Dollar Shave Club’s (DSC)

After adopting DevOps with the CloudBees Starter Kit, Pinger needed to scale their CI/CD platform. By implementing CloudBees CI, Pinger’s developers and operations team improved their collaboration and gained a company-wide view of their development environment. Since turning to CloudBees, Pinger has experienced greater efficiency and competitiveness with a faster time-to-market (TTM).

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For the first time, code-writing engineers can see their products go live in minutes rather than weeks...Now they can write a feature and see it get to production within minutes. It just makes us nerds happy.

Adam Robertson, Head of DevOps, Pinger


CircleCI is a continuous integration tool that works with deployment services to help development teams build, test, and deliver their software efficiently. Teams use CircleCI to orchestrate complex workflows and quickly move code through their delivery pipelines. This improves productivity during the development cycle, allowing teams to bring software to market with greater speed and confidence.

CircleCI features include:

  • Workflows for job orchestration
  • Multiple central processing unit (CPU) and random access memory (RAM) selections for optimal performance
  • Expanded caching options, including images, source code, dependencies, and custom caches
  • Support for any language that builds on Linux, Windows, or macOS

How it works

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Dollar Shave Club’s (DSC)

Dollar Shave Club’s (DSC) engineers spent significant time and effort on testing code, often running single spec files for features rather than the whole test suite. To simplify this process and enhance end-user experience, the team integrated CircleCI for iOS and web. With CircleCI, DSC’s entire test suite ran and provided instant feedback as soon as their engineers committed code, which gave them confidence in their whole development process.

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Before using CircleCI, unit testing was a significant pain point for us. CircleCI has significantly simplified setup and maintenance of our test environment. This allows us to run and maintain a stable test suite, increasing the team’s confidence in the test results.

Jason Bosco, VP of Engineering (Core Platform and Infrastructure), Dollar Shave Club

Armory Spinnaker (EKS)

Armory Spinnaker (EKS) enhances and extends Spinnaker at enterprise scale to optimize your entire software development lifecycle and ship better software, faster. It contains a powerful and flexible pipeline management system allowing teams to deploy to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources and other environments. Armory enables your engineering teams to work more efficiently and produce more output so your business can innovate quickly.

Armory Spinnaker (EKS) features include:

  • Full lifecycle management, configuration, deployment, and updating of Spinnaker instances
  • Storage of pipelines in Git and manage them like you would manage code, including version control, templatization, and modularization
  • Policy Engine powered by Open Policy Agent helps you meet compliance requirements based on custom policies you set
  • Terraform integration allows you to use your existing Terraform scripts to plan and create infrastructure as part a Spinnaker pipeline

How it works

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GetYourGuide needed a solution that could manage their complex deployment needs. They turned to Armory Spinnaker to help extend and customize pipelines and reuse components instead of rebuilding from scratch. By adopting Armory Spinnaker and automating its CI/CD pipeline, GetYourGuide achieved 100 production deployments per day and saved the cost of one infrastructure engineer.

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Armory offered us top-notch support for Spinnaker. They have the capacity to deliver, and they listen to the customer needs when shaping new features for the product. The Pipelines as Code feature was another key reason to choose Armory Spinnaker, aligning well with how we do all of our other configurations.

Alex Eftimie, Staff DevOps Engineer, Developer Enablement, GetYourGuide

Harness, Inc.

Harness Pro is a continuous delivery-as-a-service platform that provides a simple and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production. It offers an automated CI/CD pipeline that helps you build, test, and deploy improved features more quickly. It uses machine learning to detect the quality of deployments and automatically roll back failed ones, saving time and reducing custom scripting and manual oversight.

Harness Pro features include:

  • DevOps security and compliance
  • Continuous verification that reduces production incidents by 90 percent
  • Continuous delivery (CD) pipelines built in minutes
  • Manual scripting reduced by 90 percent
  • Automated rollback to the last working artifact version

How it works

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Ibotta is a shopping app with over 30 million users. The company scaled in a short time but reached a threshold. By adopting Harness, Ibotta standardized and automated how it deploys code. Today, Ibotta has over 20 deployments per day with 18 minutes to deployable code. Only one command provision the repository, infrastructure, and deployment.

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Harness Continuous Delivery is a competitive advantage; building CD yourself is not. There isn’t a deployment pattern we’ve seen that Harness doesn’t support.

Scott Bassin, Engineering Director, Ibotta Inc.


The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform complements and uses your existing tools by integrating them into a single release pipeline. It orchestrates your pipeline, enabling Continuous Delivery of your production releases to Amazon Web Services (AWS) reliably, repeatedly, and at scale. XebiaLabs provides complete data visibility, which enables failure debug, insights for process improvements, and software updates tracking for the security needed by most enterprises.

XebiaLabs DevOps Platform features include:

  • Flexible deployment for any environment, from containers to hybrid cloud to mainframe
  • Model-based approach that eliminates scripting and brittle workflows
  • Easy Integration of DevOps tools
  • Agentless architecture for simple, secure, and scalable rollouts
  • Automated support for security, governance, and compliance

How it works

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New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group (NJM) wanted to accelerate and automate high-quality software Delivery while reducing complexity and minimizing overhead. To meet this objective, NJM implemented XebiaLabs DevOps Platform for release orchestration and deployment automation. This initiative reduced operational overhead and streamlined processes so NJM could scale more quickly. Now NJM handles from 3,000 to 4,000 deployments per month through automation and at a rate 50 percent to 70 percent faster than three years ago.

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XebiaLabs has enabled NJM to achieve our goals of improving, accelerating, and streamlining our end-to-end software delivery, while enforcing our compliance requirements.

Vito Iannuzzelli, Assistant VP of IT, NJM Insurance Group

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