Simplify the management of microservice-based applications and accelerate their deployment on AWS

Microservices architectures involve a large number of services and channels of communication.
Managing these highly dynamic environments becomes very difficult. The third-party solutions available in AWS Marketplace simplify the connectivity, security, and management of microservices architectures

Discover how to proactively approach the health and performance monitoring of your Kubernetes environments.

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These solutions available in AWS Marketplace integrate with AWS services and are designed to help you accelerate your cloud deployment.

Aqua Enterprise Platform secures and identifies risks for microservices infrastructure and apps, supporting AWS ECS, AWS EKS, AWS Lambda & AWS Fargate. 

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HashiCorp Consul accelerates progressive delivery of applications by providing service discovery, networking infrastructure automation, and service mesh.

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Cilium provides eBPF-based networking, observability, and security with optimal scale and performance for platform teams operating Kubernetes environments.

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Nirmata EKS Manager is a secure and scalable management plane that provides simplified operations and management across your EKS workloads and clusters.

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API Discovery and Lifecycle Management™ SaaS platform provides API Discovery, Security & Governance capabilities as foundations for API Management.

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Calico provides K8s-native north-south and east-west security controls, enterprise security and compliance controls, observability, and troubleshooting.

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Learn about the latest practices, tools, and how to deliver microservices-based applications with resources from AWS Marketplace.

Learn how to transition to microservice architectures and container-based application
development in the cloud.

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Learn how serverless application monitoring can help you quickly understand and optimize your architecture.

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Learn how to optimize cloud costs by adopting intelligent automation and best practices in a modern consumption model.

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Key benefits of using third-party solutions available in AWS Marketplace

Find solutions 46% faster*

Find the market-leading infrastructure solutions you need to improve the reliability, connectivity, and security of your cloud deployment.

Deploy your way, 48% faster*

Deploy infrastructure solutions with methods that best fit your use-case using containers, SaaS, AMIs, APIs, CloudFormation Templates, and more.

Leverage interoperable technologies

Use tools designed for AWS interoperability and regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities.

*2020 Amazon Web Services Marketplace online survey with 500 IT decision-makers and influencers in the U.S