Digital rights management (DRM)

Media companies moving to the cloud require robust tools to securely store, move, and distribute their content. Digital rights management (DRM) solutions enable you to achieve secured content playback across a large range of consumer devices and platforms

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INKA Entworks

PallyCon Multi-DRM Cloud by INKA Entworks is a SaaS subscription solution that simplifies the complexity of digital rights management (DRM) licensing service for online video service providers and watermarking. To achieve this service, Inka leverages easy-to-use integration application programming interfaces (APIs). Through connection with AWS Media Services, Pallycon customers receive a single, secured content workflow, from encoding to content delivery network (CDN) delivery.

PallyCon offers pay-TV operators and over-the-top (OTT) media service providers studio-grade content protection that saves time through APIs and is affordable to use. It also ensures that your content is kept secure to prevent profit loss. Media producers realize the strengths of PallyCon Multi DRM Cloud through these product features:

  • DRM license management for media streaming
  • Pre-integrated with AWS Elemental Media Services via a Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) API
  • API integration for HyperText Markup Language 5 (HTML5) and mobile native players
  • Cloud-based forensic watermarking service for additional content security

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DRMtoday by castLabs is a digital rights management (DRM) licensing and access control cloud service for premium video entertainment. It simplifies DRM to allow secure streaming across browser, mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, set-top box (STB), and game console platforms. DRMtoday facilitates studio compliance and content monetization, as well as, live, on-demand, and offline video protection.  

castLabs DRMtoday solution simplifies the time-consuming process of procuring digital rights management for premium movie content. DRMtoday makes studio-grade protection seamless, so you can focus on getting content to market faster and more efficiently. The benefits of fast and secure DRM are now possible due to the following product features included with castLab’s DRMtoday:

DRMtoday features include:

  • Multi-region and highly scalable to meet service growth
  • MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming and CMAF stream security
  • Online dashboard management including multitenancy for resellers or enterprise media groups
  • Authorization options such as geoblocking, device filtering and concurrent stream limiting
  • Key rotation, hardware security enforcement, device filtering and more

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Bonnier Broadcasting was challenged to manage several brand identities within one streaming service. castLabs provided a scalable global DRM solution to meet the demand for large live sporting events, while maintaining low latency and using current infrastructure. DRMtoday now delivers an average of 25 million DRM keys monthly for Bonnier Broadcasting at TV4 and C More.

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We were looking for a multi-DRM solution with an excellent track record. DRMtoday was the best match to fulfill our requirements with smooth onboarding and integration, and great support.

            Håkan Åhman, Head of Operation, Bonnier Broadcasting

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