Earth and space data and software

Connecting Earth and space data with specialized software and analytics tools to deliver targeted aerospace and geospatial insights

Project ARGUS

Project ARGUS delivers decision-ready information for space domain awareness (SDA), maritime domain awareness (MDA), and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT). The platform combines Earth and Space data with software and analytics tools from AWS partners. ARGUS is designed as an open architecture to integrate with first and third-party data, models, and visualizations to deliver targeted insights for critical mission use cases.

How ARGUS works

Power software and analytics tools in AWS Marketplace with Earth and Space Data Sets from AWS Data Exchange to provide customers with decision-ready information for Space Domain Awareness and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT).

1. AWS Marketplace partners list their visualization, simulation, and other ARGUS Modules to AWS Marketplace.

2. Customers choose the ARGUS Modules necessary to deliver targeted insights for mission-specific use cases.

3. AWS Data Exchange partners provide Earth Observation, Space Domain Awareness, and other ARGUS ready Data Sets to AWS Data Exchange.

4. ARGUS Data Recipes make it easier for customers to find the Data Sets needed to power their ARGUS Solution.

5. Customers subscribe to ARGUS Data Sets which are delivered directly to their AWS Account.

6. ARGUS Solutions and Customer Applications can operate and build on the subscribed data sets.

7. Mission Operators receive critical insights, visualizations, simulations, and other decision-ready information.

ARGUS products

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