Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) resources


Developer Guide>>

Provides a conceptual overview of Amazon DocumentDB and provides instructions on using the various features with both the console and the command line interface.

AWS CLI Reference>>

Describes the command line interface for Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) in detail. Provides basic syntax, options, and usage examples for each command.

Amazon DocumentDB Announcements


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Amazon DocumentDB Blogs


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AWS re:Invent 2019: Amazon DocumentDB Deep Dive (58:55)
What's New in Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) (46:17)
How to use Amazon DocumentDB to build and manage applications at scale (49:41)
AWS re:Invent 2019: Migrating your databases to Amazon DocumentDB (50:00)
Migrating to Amazon DocumentDB (36:56)
Getting Started with Amazon DocumentDB (3:00)
Introduction to Amazon DocumentDB (35:56)
Live migration to Amazon DocumentDB (3:07)
Manage & Scale Semi-structured Data with Amazon DocumentDB (51:29)
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