AWS and Unreal Engine

Empowering real-time 3D experiences at scale

AWS Deadline Cloud and Deadline V10
Unreal Engine can now support AWS Deadline Cloud and Deadline V10 for rendering offload to a render farm on AWS.
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Amazon GameLift Plugin for Unreal Engine 5
We are excited to announce that Amazon GameLift now includes a standalone plugin for Unreal Engine 5.
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Unreal Engine (UE) and AWS combine advanced 3D game development technology with purpose-built global infrastructure capabilities to help creators build and scale amazing experiences.

Together, UE and AWS bring over 40 years of experience empowering all creators, from AAA studios to independent developers, to build boundary-pushing experiences that reach millions around the world every single day.

Create with Unreal Engine and AWS

Purpose-built technology and tooling to increase efficiency and use case performance.

Virtual Workstations

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) comes pre-loaded with the latest release of UE 5.2 and all its prerequisites to provide 3D content producers with a secure and performant experience wherever they may be.

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Build Pipelines

Incredibuild on AWS delivers a powerful solution that gives developers and DevOps managers a smart, scalable platform to continuously build, improve and release your game on time.

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Version Control

Perforce Helix Core on AWS is a single source of truth for all digital assets that scales to manage global teams and large binary assets.

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Game QA and Testing

Amazon GameLift Anywhere integrates hardware from your environment to accelerate game play monitoring and debugging in real-time on a local workstation.

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Game Server Hosting

Amazon GameLift’s dedicated server management service powered by AWS Graviton3 processors enables the best price performance for compute-intensive UE gaming workloads.

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Game Analytics

Game Analytics Pipeline on AWS helps game developers launch a scalable serverless data pipeline to ingest, store, and analyze player data generated by active users of Unreal Engine game client and builds.

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Epic Games

Connect the community across all platforms

Epic Games is the interactive entertainment company and 3D engine technology provider behind Fortnite, one of the world’s largest games with over 350 million players. Learn how Epic Games is leveraging AWS services such as Amazon EC2 to scale capacity just-in-time and support remote creators.

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QXR Studios

“It used to take 100+ person teams five years and $25M to deliver at this level. As an industry, tools like AWS and Unreal let us access artists and modelers around the world, in addition to the technology’s underlying services. This allows smaller game companies to produce AAA game content, and that’s exciting.”

Graeme Devine, Co-Founder QXR Studios

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QXR Studios

0dyssey Interactive

0dyssey Interactive, a Waterloo-based a game studio founded in 2020, was seeking a cost-effective solution to launch and scale their first game, Omega Strikers, an exciting three-on-three footbrawler built on Unreal Engine. With “battle-tested” AWS and UE solutions, 0dyssey Interactive was able to focus on making a good game instead of their backend infrastructure.

Red Barrels

Red Barrels, an independent game studio based in Montreal, has been developing on Unreal Engine since the inception of the studio, but they needed a solution to manage game servers for their first multiplayer title, Outlast Trials. Red Barrels chose to use both UE and AWS due to the power and flexibility both technologies bring to the game development process.

Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive, one of the largest game studios in Canada, has grown Dead by Daylight, its award-winning asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, to over 50 million players since it first launched in 2016. With Unreal Engine and AWS, the studio is able to create high-fidelity game experiences that they can confidently scale to millions of players.