Amazon Security Initiatives

Improving individual, employee, and customer security posture

Security is our top priority, and we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers improve their security posture. In support of this, we announced two new security initiatives aimed at protecting organizations and individuals. Starting in October, we will offer our security training materials—originally developed by AWS for Amazon employees—to individuals and organizations to help keep them and their sensitive information safe. In addition, we will offer qualified AWS account holders a free multi-factor authentication (MFA) device designed to further secure their environments and protect their assets. Read our blog post and press release to learn more.


Amazon Security Awareness training

People and organizations need security training to identify and keep themselves safe from security risks, and they often lack the time to take hours-long training courses, even when the courses are available and provide the right information. We designed the Amazon Security Awareness training courses, used with our own employees, to anticipate and educate technology beginners and experts about key protections to protect themselves from possible security risks. Starting in October, we will offer this Security Awareness training free of charge to organizations and individuals. Businesses and organizations can also build their own solutions on top of the Amazon training to suit their needs. These training courses include videos and on-line assessments. The materials leverage proven neuroscience and adult learning principles to enhance content retention and are regularly updated as digital attack techniques evolve.

AWS Multi-Factor Authentication

For highly sensitive information, such as personal documents, proprietary customer information, and companies’ technology infrastructure assets, stronger tools are needed to protect data. Starting in October, for qualified AWS account holders, we will offer a multi-factor authentication (MFA) device at no cost. Designed to augment your security plan and protect your most sensitive assets, this MFA device adds a layer of security to protect your AWS accounts, providing you with a stronger overall security posture. You will be able to use their MFA devices to safely access multiple AWS accounts, as well as other token-enabled applications.


  • When will these programs be available and how can I sign up?

    The two programs will be available starting in October.

  • Is the Amazon Security Awareness Training available globally?

    The Amazon Security Awareness training can cover multiple regions by offering 15 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese and American Sign Language.

  • What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

    MFA is a method of verifying your identity by requiring you to present more than one piece of identifying information. MFA is a static process, which means that you have to complete the same set of authentication challenges every time you sign in. This method provides you with an additional layer of security, decreasing the likelihood of unauthorized access. The type of information (called authentication factors) required from you is typically two or more of the following:

    Knowledge: Something you know - e.g. a password
    Possession: Something you have - e.g. a mobile device, hardware token, or U2F security key
    Inheritance: Something you unique to you - e.g. a fingerprint

  • Who is eligible for the free MFA tokens?

    The AWS MFA program is available for qualified AWS account holders, starting in October.

  • How will I be able to use or take the training?

    The Security Awareness training will be available as a downloadable package that organizations can import into their own learning management system (LMS). Additionally, for organizations that do not have an LMS, the course will be available to complete online without an AWS account.

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Amazon Security Awareness Training and AWS Multi-factor Authentication tokens to be made available at no cost.

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Amazon Security Press Release

Amazon announced two new security initiatives that will help protect organizations and individuals from increasing security threats.

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