Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

When moving to the cloud, you should take the time to review your security posture and what changes and controls need to be implemented to operate securely. Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Security Hub in tandem provide continuous visibility, compliance, and detection of threats for AWS accounts and workloads.

Learn How to Continuously Monitor your Environment

Join our AWS Online Tech Talks and events to learn how we can help you to monitor your environment and be more secure in the cloud.

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to protect your AWS accounts and workloads. With GuardDuty, you now have an intelligent and cost-effective option for continuous threat detection in the AWS Cloud. The service uses machine learning, anomaly detection, and integrated threat intelligence to identify and prioritize potential threats.

On-Demand Webinar
AWS Security Hub

Learn about AWS Security Hub, and how it gives you a comprehensive view of your high-priority security alerts and your compliance status across AWS accounts.

On-Demand Webinar
Threat Response Scenarios Using Amazon GuardDuty

Learn to operationalize threat detection using Amazon GuardDuty, the common approaches to working with GuardDuty findings, and get tips on automating your threat responses based on finding types.

Watch AWS Security Tech Talks Now

Continuous Compliance with AWS Security Hub

In this tech talk, you will learn how you can use Security Hub to run automated, continuous account-level configuration and compliance checks based on industry standards and best practices, such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS Foundations.

Learn How Uses Amazon GuardDuty to Protect Its Infrastructure

Join us for this customer showcase to learn how one of AWS' largest customers,, uses Amazon GuardDuty to detect and remediate threats. You will learn about best practices to deploy, manage, and operationalize GuardDuty.

Continuous monitoring
Continuous Security Monitoring
Continuous visibility and detection of threats for AWS accounts and workloads.
Threat Detection
Intelligent Threat Detection
Aggregates and prioritizes findings to help identify threats faster.
Centralize Threat Detection Across Accounts
Continuous Compliance
Automated compliance checks based on industry standards.

Getting Started with Continuous Monitoring & Threat Detection

Amazon GuardDuty
Amazon GuardDuty

Intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring to protect your AWS accounts and workloads.

AWS Security Hub
AWS Security Hub

Centrally view and manage security alerts and automate compliance checks.

AWS Partner Network - Security
AWS Partner Network

Deploy built-for-AWS, automated, and scalable security solutions.

AWS Marketplace - Security
AWS Marketplace

Discover, purchase, and deploy security solutions in minutes, not months on AWS.

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