The AWS Service Management Connector are available as plugins/apps to install at no-cost from the ServiceNow Store and Atlassian Marketplace. Customers may incur cost for the AWS services used as well as the licensing for the ITSM tools.


To learn more about the cost for AWS services integrated to the AWS Service Management Connector, view pricing details of the AWS service:


AWS Service Management Connector(SMC) for ServiceNow is a scoped application certified and released through the ServiceNow store. SMC includes custom tables as part of the connector for the various integrations. 

SMC has dependency on ServiceNow plugins for managing visibility of resources and aligning with ServiceNow best practices. For more information, see the plugin documentation:


Atlassian Jira Service Management for Data Center: Atlassian Jira Service Management license is required to use the AWS Service Management Connector app. Visit Atlassian JSM page for more information. Please contact your Atlassian account manager for licensing costs.

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