E-Commerce Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Sell your goods or services with e-commerce software that scales with your business.
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Improve customer experience, conversion, and retention

E-commerce is the fastest way to reach new customers, regardless of whether your SMB is solely online or also has brick-and-mortar locations. With global online sales increasing, there has never been a better time to upgrade your e-commerce presence in the cloud. Your customers will benefit from increased personalization and get answers to their most pressing questions which can enable more purchases. On the back-end, you can improve inventory management, automate frequently asked questions with chatbots, and see sales attribution metrics.

AWS Cloud has a network of top software providers who can help you begin the process. Learn about the value of buying e-commerce applications on AWS Marketplace.

Software Applications

Find, test, and subscribe to software for SMBs using AWS Cloud.

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Create a frictionless customer experience

How many of your customer support channels are connected? Create a personalized, omnichannel experience that meets customers across email, social media, live chat, and more. Listen to leaders at Zendesk and AWS explain how you can improve fragmented customer support channels with the cloud.

CRM for small business

Why buy from AWS Marketplace?

Not sure which business applications are right for your business? Check out AWS Marketplace. It’s a curated digital catalog where you can find software and expert guidance to power your SMB. Benefits include:

  • Software tailored to your industry or use case
  • Access to flexible pricing models, budget controls, and competitive pricing
  • The ability to roll all of your Marketplace software licensing costs into one monthly AWS bill

How small and medium businesses use AWS Marketplace

Streamline compliance and policy management

When Redsson needed to seamlessly deploy a healthcare application while meeting all HIPAA compliance requirements, they turned to the AWS Marketplace. By finding and deploying a compliance automation solution there, the company eliminated 4-6 weeks of manual policy rewrites and cut engineering time by 50 percent.

Help customers get visibility into their data

PSI Technologies effectively captured asset health data remotely and aggregated it to better support customers. By finding solutions in the AWS Marketplace, PSI Technologies decreased costs and reduced 70 percent of lone worker health and safety risk exposure.

Reduce software costs and billing overhead

Aioi Nissay Dowa centralized software purchasing and billing management to reduce costs and overhead. AWS Marketplace provided simplified contract management and flexible pricing options so Aioi Nissay Dowa could shorten the approval process from 18 months to a few weeks.

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