You can create your first job within minutes by following the steps in the Getting Started section of our documentation.

To use AWS Import/Export Disk:

  • Prepare a portable storage device (see the Product Details page for supported devices).
  • Submit a Create Job request. You’ll get a job ID with a digital signature used to authenticate your device.
  • Print out your pre-paid shipping label.
  • Securely identify and authenticate your device. For Amazon S3, place the signature file on the root directory of your device. For Amazon EBS, tape the signature barcode to the exterior of the device.
  • Attach your pre-paid shipping label to the shipping container and ship your device along with its interface connectors, and power supply to AWS.

When your package arrives, it will be processed and securely transferred to an AWS data center, where your device will be attached to an AWS Import/Export station. After the data load completes, the device will be returned to you.

See our documentation for further details.


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