Mental Health and Wellness Customer Stories

Learn how AWS customers are pioneering and powering mental health and wellness solutions in the cloud.

Orangetheory Fitness: Using Chime SDK to Power Coach-Led Virtual Workouts with OTlive

In this video, Orangetheory Fitness (Orangetheory) demystifies how it uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to stream near real-time video between a coach and participants. Orangetheory launched OTlive during the lockdown phase of the pandemic to provide its members with virtual fitness options and it has become a permanent offering. In a simple, step-by-step breakdown that’s accessible to both non-technical and technical viewers, a This Is My Architecture segment explains how Orangetheory built a global, scalable virtual workout class system using native AWS services, including Amazon Chime SDK, which embeds intelligent, real-time communication capabilities into applications..

Springs Innovates Sleep Health Using AWS

What happens when a textile manufacturing company known for sleep comfort products extends its mission to sleep health? This episode of AWS Innovation Ambassadors explores how AWS is helping Brazil-based Springs to catalyze the creation of its first cloud-connected product, and develop a sleep tracker that uses machine learning (ML) to learn from the sleeper’s habits. The podcast teams speaks with the chief information officer of Springs, Josue Alencar, about continuing the legacy of innovation at the company his grandfather founded. Hear how Springs worked with the AWS Prototyping team to realize their ambitious goal of creating the most accessible embedded sleep tracking device on the market.

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Personalizing Wellness Recommendations at Calm with Amazon Personalize

100 Million

Number of app downloads Calm leverages for deep learning through large volumes of data


Increase in daily mindfulness practice among Calm’s members through recommendations generated by Amazon Personalize

Whether it’s on-demand video, music, podcasts, or other forms of rich media, consumers are overwhelmed by content choice. Calm is on a mission to make the world happier and healthier, and it’s achieving this goal by delivering its top-rated app for meditation and sleep to global consumers. Named “App of the Year” in 2017, as Calm scaled it also diversified its content library beyond meditation and sleep stories. As its content library grew by 10x—including through contributions by high-profile celebrities—it became more challenging for Calm users to find the content that’s right for them. To address this, and to support customers’ expectations for personalized content, the team at Calm turned to Amazon Personalize, which lets developers build applications with machine learning (ML) technology for near real-time personalized recommendations—no ML expertise required.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Increase Breast Screening Attendance

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Increase Breast Screening Attendance

In the United Kingdom, the Breast Care Unit at University Hospitals of North Midlands Trust and Redmoor Health collaborated on innovative ways to improve patient engagement. Turning to social media, the group could quickly reach the at-risk demographic (women 49+ years old). After patient attendance at vital breast screening appointments increased by 13 percent, the group developed a 24/7 response system using AWS Chatbot built on Amazon Lex.

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Veteran-Centered Telemedicine App Scales Its Unique Model with Amazon AppFlow

Veteran-Centered Telemedicine App Scales Its Unique Model with Amazon AppFlow

Telehealth has made mental health care more accessible., but there are still major gaps to fill—including for active and former members of the armed forces. The nonprofit telemedicine platform, Sound Off, connects veterans and other service members with clinicians who help manage the emotional scars associated with active service, while providing complete anonymity. Learn how AWS is helping Sound Off reach more people, faster.

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Lessonbee Reinvents Health Education with AWS EdStart

Lessonbee Reinvents Health Education with AWS EdStart

Lessonbee Inc. is dedicated to reinventing the K–12 health class experience. It developed a cloud-based platform that helps students make responsible health choices through a self-paced learning experience rooted in brain science and culturally responsive practices. Lessonbee was born on the AWS cloud and uses AWS solutions, including Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Multi-AZ Deployments, to improve data privacy and security

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at AWS

At AWS, we believe that technology should be built in a way that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

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