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Nykaa Enhances its Beauty and Wellness Platform with Improved Security and Scalability Using AWS Enterprise Support

Nykaa modernized its ecommerce platform by leveraging AWS Cloud best practices with the help of AWS Enterprise Support, implementing AWS Backup and AWS Security Hub to automate data protection and deliver a consistent user experience during sales events.

3 hours

RTO, down from 14 hours


reduction in infrastructure costs

Zero downtime

and consistent site performance during peaks


Evolving FinOps practice for ongoing saving


Nykaa is a beauty and fashion ecommerce retailer in India born on the AWS Cloud. It engaged AWS Enterprise Support to improve scalability during holiday and flash sales and bolster the security and reliability of its applications.

Nykaa uses Amazon DynamoDB as a serverless database, AWS Backup to automate data protection, and AWS Security Hub for centralized security management. The business no longer encounters scaling challenges during peak shopping days and has reduced costs while enhancing site reliability.

Nykaa Case Study

Opportunity | Seeking Infrastructure Optimization to Support Peaks and Expansion

Consumers in India increasingly turn to Nykaa to shop for authentic beauty and fashion brands online. Marketed as a beauty and wellness platform with a difference, Nykaa offers comprehensive content such as how-to videos and product reviews. The company is committed to connecting with customers in a meaningful way, and its success has led to continued growth since its founding in 2012.

Nykaa was born on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, and relies on services such as Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to deliver a seamless customer experience at scale. 

Like most online retailers, Nykaa experiences extreme spikes in traffic during peak shopping events such its annual Hot Pink Sale. As the business recorded 110% growth in revenue from 2019 to 2020, and with aggressive growth targets on the horizon, Nykaa sought technical support to review and optimize its cloud architecture. It also looked to bolster security ahead of its initial public offering in 2021.


Our partnership with AWS allows us to drive business growth without compromising on infrastructure reliability and security. The dedicated support from the AWS team ensures consistent optimization of our infrastructure costs, even as our customer base continues to grow.”

Abhishek Awasthi
Senior Vice President of Engineering at Nykaa

Solution | Delivering a Secure, Reliable User Experience with AWS Enterprise Support

Nykaa engaged AWS Enterprise Support in January 2021, starting with an in-depth architecture review. “We learned about the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. These helped us to leverage various parameters on the cloud to ensure every application we’re building is reliable, secure, and delivers a superior user experience,” says Lokesh Bais, director of engineering at Nykaa. 

To improve reliability during traffic spikes, the AWS Enterprise Support team recommended Amazon ECS capacity providers to help Nykaa’s engineers with cluster management and container provisioning. The team also suggested Amazon RDS Multi-AZ architecture to improve fault tolerance. Automation of data protection, security alerts, and disaster recovery was achieved by incorporating AWS Backup and AWS Security Hub. Finally, the Enterprise Support team recommended Nykaa to migrate critical workloads from Amazon RDS to Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed serverless database designed to run high-performance applications at scale. 

These modifications have helped to eliminate manual tasks such as creating data pipelines and restoring data. Nykaa has decreased its recovery time objective (RTO) from 14 hours to 3 hours. Bais comments, “We’re saving a lot of time because backups are a one-click job on AWS.” 

To better prepare for big shopping holidays, Nykaa worked closely with AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM). This feature of AWS Enterprise Support includes a specialized team providing guidance and operational support before and during major events. The IEM team helped with designing a detailed checklist to ensure the site’s backend infrastructure was prepared for rapid scaling on banner shopping days. The team also supported Nykaa during event execution to identify and quickly resolve issues before it could impact the user experience. This resulted in zero downtime or performance issues during Nykaa’s annual Hot Pink Sale. 

Cost optimization was another factor driving Nykaa’s decision to use AWS Enterprise Support. Since enlisting the Enterprise Support team, the company has reduced infrastructure costs by $500,000. “We’ve implemented new features in our application and still managed to pay less thanks to a more cost-effective architecture design,” Bais says. 

Outcome | Leveraging Cloud Best Practices for Continuous Improvement

Since working with AWS Enterprise Support, Nykaa has improved security and site reliability. The company has also reduced costs while increasing its adoption of AWS services. Nykaa is currently working with the Enterprise Support team to establish a FinOps practice, where each division has visibility into, and accountability for, the designated portion of overall cloud infrastructure costs.

Bais says, “Without Enterprise Support, we would have had to invest a lot of time and energy into implementing cloud best practices. Because AWS deals with many customers across multiple industries, it has experience with the scenarios and challenges we face, and we benefit from this expertise.”

During Nykaa’s annual holiday sales, the company’s engineers no longer encounter scaling issues. Engineers perform load testing in the weeks leading up to events and follow the checklist devised with Enterprise Support. “We’re more confident during sale periods because of our preparation prior to events. We can identify potential bottlenecks early on and optimize our application before the sale begins, which leads to peace of mind,” Bais says. Abhishek Awasthi, senior vice president of Engineering at Nykaa, concludes, “Our work building on AWS helps us to drive business growth without compromising on infrastructure reliability and security. The dedicated support from the AWS team ensures consistent optimization of our infrastructure costs, even as our customer base continues to grow.”

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About Nykaa

Nykaa is a beauty and fashion ecommerce company founded in India in 2012. It is committed to delivering an extensive selection of authentic, curated products and connecting with its users through content, such as how-to videos and product reviews. 

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