Document Understanding Solution

This AWS Solution is no longer available for new deployments

If you're deploying a new environment...

Please use Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS, a new AWS Solution which incorporates the features of the Document Understanding Solution with additional architectural updates to improve performance, reliability, scalability, and latency. The Implementation Guide for Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS provides details and deployment instructions.

If you have active environments based on this AWS Solution...

You can continue to use this AWS Solution, however, AWS will no longer provide updates to the source code, such as integrating new AWS services and features or modernizing AWS Lambda toolchains. As a customer, you maintain full control of the content uploaded to the AWS services within your AWS account.

If you have an existing environment based on this AWS Solution that hosts production workloads and your workloads are mostly static, you can continue to use this AWS Solution.

If you recently deployed environments based on this AWS Solution, we recommend deploying a new environment using Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS. Refer to the Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS Implementation Guide for details and deployment instructions.

Overview of Enhanced Document Understanding

Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS delivers an easy-to-use web application that ingests and analyzes documents, extracts content, identifies and redacts sensitive customer information, and creates search indexes from the analyzed data.

Documents can be uploaded through the web interface for processing. You can optionally enable Amazon Kendra support for machine learning-based enterprise search.

Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS evolved from, and is a replacement for, the Document Understanding Solution. Functionality remains the same, however, Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS has upgraded architecture that enables better enterprise-scale performance, greater extensibility, and supports future roadmap features.