Connected Experiences

Customers expect a seamless, connected experience - whether that means within a physical space or connecting various pieces of information together into one holistic view. A connected journey imagines frictionless movement, whether that’s through an airport, cruise ship or elsewhere. With a connected experience, companies can easily communicate relevant updates and information to their customers at the right time, across any channel or touch-point.

With AWS’ broad and deep Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, companies are able to digitize and illuminate the offline world, connecting previously isolated or stand-alone devices into a virtual and connected ecosystem.

AWS enables businesses to take their data and integrate a wide variety of digital services to offer a multi-channel connected customer experience. A comprehensive set of AWS services gather, process, analyze and act on data at global scale, putting the customer at the center. AWS also makes it easy to create, configure, and implement scalable mobile and web applications to enable these connected experiences using services such as AWS Amplify.

Hear how Melco Resorts is providing a seamless, connected experience for its guests (3:42)

Customer spotlight

"AWS is our ML platform of choice, unlocking new ways to deliver on our promise of being the world’s travel platform."

Matthew Fryer, Vice President and Chief Data Science Officer -


G6 Hospitality (Motel 6 and Studio 6) Innovates on Behalf of Its Guests, Using AWS (2:01)
Avis Budget Group uses AWS to create a connected fleet and give customers more control (2:37)
Jack in the Box moves to AWS (1:02)

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